June 30th, 2017

XCOM 2 pushed back to February 2016

XCOM 2 pushed back to February 2016

Sorry, commander, but the XCOM 2 project has been pushed back until 5 February, 2016. You probably should’ve hired more scientists.

XCOM 2 was previously due out in November of this year, which… seemed a little bit soon, to be perfectly honest, but I was hardly going to complain about getting to play it before 2016.

According to the official word from Firaxis, “We just need a little more time to make it the best possible game.¬†With XCOM 2, we want to have more depth, more replayability, and more investment in your soldiers and this extension will give us the time we need to deliver on our promise to you.”

So there you have it. Your mobile base won’t be mobile until 2016. A little sad, but if the delay means a better game, I’m perfectly happy with it.

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