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XCOM: Chimera Squad – Guides and features hub

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XCOM: Chimera Squad is the turn-based strategy franchise players have known and loved, but with a slight twist. Given the focus on shorter, bite-sized missions and the breach mechanic, Firaxis has somehow refined the formula to a refreshing state. Naturally, fans are looking to see what’s in store for the series’ latest iteration, so here’s our XCOM: Chimera Squad guides and features hub to help you out with everything from character ratings to legendary weapons.

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XCOM: Chimera Squad guides and features hub

Official review – Our official review of XCOM: Chimera Squad takes a look at the game’s new breach mechanic, unique characters, narrative, and overall presentation.

Character ratings, skills, and loadouts – Another major change in XCOM: Chimera Squad is that all your soldiers are now unique and fully fleshed-out, even with their own bios and builds. As such, you can no longer treat them as cannon fodder. They’ve gotta be kept alive, and you need to use their skills to the fullest in order to complete your objectives each mission.

Hostile factions: The Progeny, Gray Phoenix, and Sacred Coil – There are three hostile factions that are planning to lead City 31 to ruin. It’s up to you to conduct investigations to take them down.

City 31 missions, field teams, and managing unrest – The entire game takes place in City 31 with its nine districts. Tensions have risen and your ragtag group has to contend with an insurgency. You’ll need to investigate three different factions, undertake several mission types, and form your field teams. Your inaction will mean that you have to contend with unrest and anarchy.

Intel sources – Your field teams in place will help you manage unrest, but you’re going to need intel to create and upgrade them.

Research, spec ops, and training – Your capabilities to boost your characters and manage the populace of City 31 aren’t limited to the missions you’ve conducted or the enemies you’ve eliminated. That’s because you can undertake projects for research, spec ops, and personnel training to further your goals.

Epic weapons and the Scavenger MarketXCOM: Chimera Squad has several best-in-slot (BIS) epic weapons for you to find, and they all pack a punch. You might even spot some of them in the Scavenger Market.

Xcom Chimera Squad Guides And Features Hub Feat

XCOM: Chimera Squad is available on Steam. You can purchase the game for $9.99 due to a 50% discount that lasts until the end of April 2020.

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