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XDefiant GSK faction: How to unlock, abilities, and members

The others are in trouble now.

Season One for XDefiant includes the new faction, the GSK, inspired by the GSG 9 from Rainbow Six Siege. This faction excels in defensive warfare and has some tricks up their sleeves.

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How to unlock the GSK in XDefiant

To unlock GSK in XDefiant, you need to earn 700,000 XP.

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Your XP won’t progress this challenge automatically, you’ll need to make sure you’ve activated the challenge in the “Challenges” menu, accessible from the Home page. This means that you can’t unlock GSK and DeadSec simultaneously if you don’t have DeadSec already.

Once you’ve earned 700,000 XP with the GSK challenge active, you’ll instantly unlock the faction.

GSK members and how to unlock them in XDefiant

We’ll have three new named members as part of GSK in XDefiant:

  • Stark
  • Kaptan
  • Krieger

All three members will be unlocked when unlocking the GSK team, so no worries about independent challenges.

GSK abilities in XDefiant

Xdefiant Flashfield Gsk
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Here are all of the abilities for the GSK members in XDefiant.

Ultra – Flash Shield

Blitz’s Flash Shield has been given as the Ultra for all GSK members, allowing you to protect yourself whilst stunning those you flash.

Your mobility will only slightly be hindered, allowing an offensive and defensive play style for the shield. Note that it doesn’t encompass all of your body.

Activated Ability 1 – ADS

Jäger’s ADS (Active Defence System) is a device that will intercept and eliminate thrown projectiles in a wide area around it. If placed securely, you’ll be able to stop all incoming grenades near you.

It will last for 25 seconds and shoot down as many projectiles as needed in that time.

Activated Ability 2 – Shockwire

Despite not making an appearance, Bandit’s modified batteries have manifested into the Shockwire. This will place down a large tangle of barbed wire that’s electrocuted, damaging other players who run through it. It can be destroyed through melee.

You will be able to place three of these before a 25-second cooldown.

Passive Trait – No headshot damage

GSK members don’t receive bonus damage from headshots. This means that even snipers will require two shots to the head to take them down.

This is thanks to them wearing helmets, a courtesy bestowed only to these helmets, however.

Now that you know everything about the GSK in XDefiant, you’ll be able to play them with foresight and expertise.

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