Xenonauts is an indie project that’s been in the works for over three years now. It’s aiming to be the ‘spiritual successor’ to the original X-Com: UFO Defense (or UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe), and has been carrying the flag for an X-Com remake for quite some time.
It’s not to be confused with either Firaxis’ more recently announced take on an X-Com remake, or 2K Marin’s FPS version of the series.
Anyhow, the developers fancy generating a little more revenue for the title and have turned (where else?) to Kickstarter for a tasty $50,000 USD. Unlike other Kickstarter projects, this one won’t fade away into the inky blackness if the team fails to raise the cash. However, if they do raise the money, “the game will be better and finished more quickly because of it”.
There’s a link on the Kickstarter page to a playable demo if you want to see what Xenonauts is all about. As per usual, there are also tiered rewards in place for high donations (such as appearing in the game as a soldier at the $200 USD mark).
Source: kickstarter.com

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