Yahtzee Makes Adventure Special Editions Free

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has released the special editions of his AGS-crafted games for free.Croshaw, best known for the vitriolic Zero Punctuation videos, previously created a series of games in the free Adventure Game Studio.While the games themselves were free, special editions containing extra bits and pieces such as a developer’s commentary were also available in return for a small donation. These special editions now cost absolutely nothing, and can be downloaded from Croshaw’s site.The five titles are comprised of the Days quadrilogy, and 1213, an experiment in making a game that wasn’t an adventure using AGS. 5 Days A Stranger locked you in a mansion with a group of other people while mysterious goings-on culminated in horrible deaths, 7 Days A Skeptic continued the plot on a spaceship, Trilby’s Notes explained what happened between the two games, and 6 Days A Sacrifice wrapped up all the loose ends. Be warned of spoilers in pages past the 5 Days one.If you haven’t played them, you probably should, as they’re excellent games. Be warned, though, that the Days series has a strong horror atmosphere and lots of gore. If that’s okay, then download the Special Editions for free here.