Yakuza heister Jiro joins the Payday 2 crew

Yakuza heister Jiro joins the Payday 2 crew

Payday 2‘s name is rapidly becoming more and more apt, considering even more paid DLC has just been added. According to Steam, buying all of the DLC right now (which includes things like soundtracks, admittedly) will cost you £77.54, on top of the game’s base price.

Still: there’s quite a lot of free DLC, there are regular sales that drop the prices by at least 50%, and most of the paid DLC is hardly essential anyway and is just there if you want some new stuff to play with. That’s pretty much how it is with this latest release: the Yakuza Character Pack.

The Yakuza Character Pack for Payday 2 will cost you £3.99, and adds Japanese heister Jiro. He comes with his own Yakuza perk deck, a unique mask, the Shinsakuto-Katana melee weapon, and the Micro Uzi, with five weapon mods for the latter.

If you fancy it, you can pick it up on Steam now. I will almost certainly do so at some point because Payday 2 is kinda great, but most likely when it’s inevitably on sale later this year.

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