You Can Get BioWare’s Jade Empire for Free on Origin

Jade Empire is one of those games that most people always forget to mention when they talk about BioWare and RPGs. It’s a game that struggled to perform well on the market, although it was a pretty decent title.

Now you got the chance to test it yourself, since Origin is giving it for free in typical “On The House” manner. This is a limited time offer and you will get the “Special Edition” of Jade Empire, the full version of the game that features graphical enhancements, an extra playable character, new enemies and upgraded fighting styles. Even the combat AI is better, so it’s definitely a “special” and “updated” version of the original Xbox release.

As always, there is no word or specific information about the wrap-up date for this deal, so you should follow immediately the link below and get your Jade Empire freebie for your PC.

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