Are you a US person either stuck at work during Independence Day, or stuck at home twiddling your thumbs and trying to avoid all the boring household tasks you keep putting off until you have “a free day” (which is now, but you still don’t want to do them.) Your salvation may be at hand in the form of Gaijin’s newly-launched browser version of CommanderVideo.

All the addictive joy of the bit.trip series, but sat inside your internet browser. It’s presented in the style of Runner2’s 16-bit retro levels, with music and controls to match. The game will literally never end, unless your PC explodes or you die or something. It’s randomly generated too, so you won’t see the same bits of level over and over again when you have to restart. Which you will have to do. Quite a lot.

“This is totally a video game,” says Gaijin’s Alex Neuse. What better endorsement could there be? NONE, OBVIOUSLY. High scores and unlockable characters (found by nabbing enough gold) await!

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