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Grammy award-winning DJ Zedd is more known for his banging tunes than banging headshots. But the man is an Immortal-ranked Valorant player. He was a fan of Riot Games’ hero-based tactical shooter long before talks of a collaboration between the two parties began. Now, Riot and Zedd have come together to create the Spectrum skin line, one of the most sophisticated cosmetics Valorant has seen to date.

The Spectrum skin line is a coming together of color and sound. It’s heavily based on electronic audio-visual elements, as you would expect from a DJ. The weapon cosmetics have a strong sci-fi theme that give you a futuristic, high-energy feel. And it’s Valorant’s first audio-driven skin line. Zedd played a big role in the development of the sounds for the cosmetics.


Audio assault

The Zedd Valorant bundle includes five Spectrum weapon skins, a Spectrum Gun Buddy, a Zedd Gun Buddy, a Spectrum Card, and a Spectrum Spray. The Spectrum skin line includes a unique Waveform melee weapon, as well as skins for the Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, and Phantom. The guns each have four levels to unlock, while the melee weapon skin only has two. Plus, each weapon comes in three color variants.

“Something we established really early on with him [Zedd] was that we wanted to make a skin that would be broadly appealing and awesome whether or not you were familiar with Zedd’s music or brand,” said Sean Marino, Art Lead on Valorant. “This means that players who like sci-fi and sound-heavy skins would love this skin, rather than this just being a skin that only Zedd fans would enjoy.”

The Spectrum skin line has more new features than any other cosmetic in Valorant. As you move around the map, the visual effects and accent colors of the weapon skins change. As for the finisher, its color will be different based on where it spawns and if the bomb has been planted. Plus, when you inspect a Spectrum skin, you hear unique audio created by Zedd, and each weapon has a different sound.

Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer on VALORANT, described the skin line aptly, “We often say that every skin has to have an ‘oh shit’ moment, but I feel like this skin has several big ‘oh shit’ moments.”

Here’s the part that’s hard to hear. The Spectrum skin line will cost you 10,700 Valorant Points. That’s a sizeable amount of cash to offload for cosmetics. However, these are unique skins with massive standout value.

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