A Knight's Quest 2

One of the main reasons to own a Nintendo console is Zelda. Even if you’ve managed to rarely venture outside the realm of PC gaming, I can’t tell you how many diehard fans of the Zelda franchise have admitted to buying a Nintendo console simply to continue the Hyrule tale. It’s simply an excellent series. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other games out there with striking similarities to Zelda. For example, A Knight’s Quest recently announced it will be coming to PC by way of Epic Games Store on Oct 10.

What has he done?

To shed some light on the story at hand, the main protagonist in A Knight’s Quest is a young lad by the name of Rusty. He “accidentally starts a chain of events which threaten to destroy his world.” We all know that feeling. I mean, as a kid, I once stepped on a ketchup packet in the lunchroom, creating a death trap for anyone who trampled over it. That counts, right?

Rusty’s situation might be a little more dire, though, considering the circumstances. However, you can see a lot of the combat featured in the trailer stays very true to the action-adventure genre that Zelda has entrenched itself in. The trailer also features a few environments found in the world known as Regalia.

Combat is key

The info released for A Knight’s Quest details quite a bit about Rusty’s world and the enemies he will face. For starters, outside of the weapon combat in the trailer, he is also capable of harnessing the elements. Rusty can use fire, ice, and even time. These come in the form of Spirit Powers that are unlocked over the course of your adventure in Regalia.

A Knight's Quest 1

A Knight’s Quest comes to the Epic Games Store on Oct 10 with a price point of £19.99 / €24.99 / $24.99. It is being developed by Sky 9 Games, who are based out of Toronto, Canada.

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