Zenless Zone Zero All Specialties Explained
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Zenless Zone Zero: All Specialties, explained

Five unique Specialties.

Zenless Zone Zero has multiple characters, all with one of five Specialties, but what does this exactly mean? We’ll explain the differences between each Specialty and how they change the characters’ playstyles.

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All Specialties in Zenless Zone Zero, explained

There are five Specialties in Zenless Zone Zero that act similarly to classes, which are Attack, Defense, Support, Stun, and Anomaly. A Specialty determines the character’s build and combat duties which makes it easier to create decent team comps. Let’s go over each Speciality and how they work.

Attack Specialty

Agents with the Attack Specialty possess formidable damage capabilities and excel at rapidly racking up damage through direct attacks, allowing combat to come to an end quickly. These Agents typically excel in the ATK stat and there are more Attack Agents than any other Speciality, with seven available for your roster.

Soldier 11FireSlash
Zhu YuanEtherPierce

Defense Specialty

Agents with the Defense Specialty have increased survivability and excel at tanking enemy attacks. They’re also great at counterattacks to gain the upper hand in battle. Defense Agents will typically have higher HP and DEF stats. So far, there’s only one Defense character in Zenless Zone Zero.

Ben BiggerFireStrike

Stun Speciality

Stun Agents have strong control capabilities and excel at building up the Daze effect to Stun enemies which opens opportunities for your team to deal increased damage. Characters with this Specialty should have a higher Impact stat to heighten the amount of Daze an enemy receives, and there are three Stun characters available right now.


Support Specialty

Agents who have the Support Specialty are here to aid and enhance team members by buffing them to improve their combat effectiveness. While they may have low ATK stats, they should be higher in HP and DEF, as well as Energy Regen to use their buffs more often. So far, only three Support Agents exist.


Anomaly Specialty

Anomaly Agents specialize in applying debuffs to enemies while also being skilled in accumulating Anomaly Buildup which weakens enemies and deals damage by triggering Attribute Anomalies. They should have higher Attribute Anomaly and Anomaly Rate Bonus stats, and right now there’s only one Anomaly character.


Hopefully, you now understand a bit more about how each of the five Specialties works in Zenless Zone Zero!

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