Zenless Zone Zero daily and weekly reset times explained
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Zenless Zone Zero daily and weekly reset times explained

It runs like clockwork.

While you can usually take things at your own pace in ZZZ, several mechanics are governed by real-world timers. If you don’t want to be late, let me explain how the daily and weekly reset times work in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ).

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When is the daily and weekly reset in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

There’s a daily and weekly reset timer in Zenless Zone Zero, which governs things like the Inter-Knot Membership. The daily reset is at 4:00 AM, based on Server Location. As a Server can be active for several different timezones, there can be a variance of a few hours depending on where you live.

Here’s a list of the Server locations and their corresponding reset times by timezone:

Server LocationReset Times
EuropeBST – 4:00 AM
CET – 5:00 AM
AmericaPST – 1:00 AM
CET – 3:00 AM
EST – 4:00 AM
AsiaJST – 5:00 AM
KST – 5.00 AM

The timers also indirectly affect the New Eridu City Fund, which runs on timed tasks. Remember to claim rewards from these timed events when you complete them. Even if you complete everything, your rewards will be lost upon the daily reset if they aren’t claimed beforehand.

Are there any other timers I need to know in Zenless Zone Zero?

Daily and weekly resets run on a reliable timer, but you should also pay attention to any events as they don’t always match. You can check all current events by using the main menu and selecting the Events tab (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox).

Zenless Zone Zero daily and weekly reset times explained
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As you can see in the image above, the New Visitor’s Passport event has 38 days remaining. When less than a day is left, the remaining hours will be displayed instead.

Events can run on unusual schedules, so it’s best to complete them early, just in case.

Reset timers also govern Limited Time banners, like the one to obtain Ellen. Premium characters usually return eventually, but you can strap in for a very long wait.

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