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Zenless Zone Zero gacha system explained: Rates, pity, currencies, and more

Don't waste your currency.

Zenless Zone Zero is a gacha game, so you’ll need to educate yourself on the intricacies of the gacha system to get the characters you want without spending a ton of money. ZZZ operates similarly to other Hoyoverse games, but there are a few unique things that set it apart from its counterparts.

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All ZZZ Currencies Explained

Zenless Zone Zero has the same type of currencies as most other gacha games, just with fancy names. There’s a premium currency that can be exchanged for pulls, character upgrade materials, and more. Here’s a table explaining most of the ZZZ currencies in Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail terms.

Zenless Zone ZeroPurposeGenshin ImpactHonkai Star Rail
DenniesGeneral currencyMoraCredits
Master TapeUsed to pull standard characters and W-EnginesAcquaint FateStar Rail Pass
Encrypted Master TapeUsed to pull limited charactersIntertwined FateStar Rail Special Pass
PolychromePremium currency exchanged for Master Tape or Encrypted Master TapePrimogemsStellar Jade
Monochrome FilmPremium currency exchanged for Polychrome or used to purchase itemsGenesis CrystalOneiric Shard
Residual SignalCurrency obtained from pulls that can be exchanged for items in the shopMasterless StarglitterUndying Starlihgt
En-NiesCurrency obtained from pulls that can be exchanged for items in the shopMasterless StardustUndying Embers
Signal SearchGacha pullsWishWarp
Battery ChargeEnergy used for daily/weekly activitiesOriginal ResinTrailblaze Power
Ether BatteryUsed to recharge energyFragile ResinFuel

Zenless Zone Zero Gacha Rates

Since Zenless Zone Zero is a Hoyoverse game, its gacha rates are basically the same as Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail.

  • 0.6% rate for S-Rank
  • 7.2% for A-Rank
  • 92.2% for B-Rank
  • Guaranteed S-Rank at 90 pulls
  • Guaranteed A-Rank at 10 pulls
  • 50/50 system for featured S-Ranks

There are multiple banners (Signal Searches) available in Zenless Zone Zero as well. Limited characters are available on the Exclusive Channel, and this is where the new and exciting characters will be. The Stable Channel is the standard banner containing the base set of S-Rank and A-Rank characters. If you need weapons, then the W-Engine Channel is for you. The same goes for the Bangboo Channel, which is the main source of Bangboos.

Zenless Zone Zero Pity System Explained

Zenless Zone Zero does have a pity system, so you’ll eventually get the character you want if you throw enough cash and resources at the game. ZZZ has both hard and soft pity like other Hoyoverse games, so you can plan around the pity system to maximize your chances of getting a featured banner character.

Zenless Zone Zero Ellen Joe Banner
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Hard Pity in ZZZ

Hard pity is 90 pulls, so you’re guaranteed to get an S-Rank item from a banner at 90 pulls no matter what. Pity does not transfer between banner types, but it does remain as new banners come and go. That means the pity you build on the limited banner won’t apply to the standard banner, but the limited banner pity will not reset whenever a new character is released.

Soft Pity in ZZZ

Soft pity begins at 75 pulls. This will gradually increase your chances of pulling an S-Rank character, W-Engine, or Bangboo as you approach the hard pity limit. Most of the time, you’ll pull an S-Rank during the soft pity phase, but there are times when you’ll get unlucky and have to do a full 90 pulls to get the character you want.

Zenless Zone Zero 50/50 Explained

While you’re guaranteed to get an S-Rank character eventually, that doesn’t mean it’ll be the one you want. That’s where the 50/50 system comes into play. When you pull your first S-Rank on a banner, it has a 50% chance of being the featured character or item. For example, if you get an S-Rank when trying to pull for Ellen Joe, you can either get her or someone else from the standard banner pool. If you lose the 50/50 and end up with someone else, however, the second S-Rank you pull from a banner is guaranteed to be the featured unit.

How to Build Pity in Zenless Zone Zero

Some players like to build pity in gacha games, and you can do this fairly easily in Zenless Zone Zero. If a character is coming up and they’re on your wishlist, you can start pulling on existing banners before they arrive in order to get closer to the soft and hard pity caps. This will make it easier to obtain an S-Rank on an upcoming banner when it arrives.

Should You Build Pity in ZZZ?

However, we strongly advise against building pity. There’s always a chance that you’ll end up pulling an S-Rank character while trying to build pity, which will reset your pity count and render the entire process a failure. It’s better to just save your Master Tapes and pull on the banner that you actually want. Just save up enough Polychrome and Master Tapes for 90 pulls if you want to guarantee pity for an upcoming character.

Should You Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero?

If you’ve played gacha games before, then you’re probably already familiar with the rerolling process. If you’re new to the scene, however, then rerolling is the process of creating new accounts to take advantage of free beginner bonuses and currencies until you get the S-Rank characters that you want.

All Free Zenless Zone Zero (zzz) Characters And How To Get Them
Screenshot: PC Invasion

New accounts are showered with free stuff in Zenless Zone Zero, and you’re guaranteed to get an S-Rank within the first 50 pulls on the standard banner as well. Plus, the first 50 pulls are discounted. You can also use the free Polychrome on a fresh account to test your luck and pull for limited S-Rank characters, too. If you have the patience, you can end up with a very valuable account by going through the rerolling process.

Rererolling takes quite some time in Zenless Zone Zero, however, and you’ll have to sit through a few unskippable cutscenes and long tutorials before you unlock the gacha system. You’ll also need to put in the time to actually obtain the free currencies and rewards for beginners as well, so it’s a pretty big time sink. We don’t recommend doing it unless you really, really want a certain character.

How to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

If you do decide to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero, all you need to do is create a fresh Hoyoverse account. Then, just play through the opening stages of the game until you unlock the Signal Search system. At that point, it’s time to gamble. You can keep playing on that account to earn more currency and try your luck on more banners, but most people tend to abandon accounts after the first few pulls if they don’t turn out perfectly.

Remember that Hoyoverse accounts are notoriously hard to link and unlink to other platforms, so rerolling could mess up your cross-platform saves if you want to play Zenless Zone Zero on other devices. If you’re starting fresh, ensure that your rerolled account is perfect before you link it to social media platforms or PlayStation Network.

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