Zenless Zone Zero (zzz) Anby Guide Best Builds, W Engines, Drive Discs, Combos, And More
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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Anby guide: Best builds, W-Engines, Drive Discs, combos, and more

It's all about shock and awe for Anby.

Of all the free characters in Zenless Zone Zero, Anby stands out the most. But to improve her, use this guide to create the best builds for Anby including W-Engines, Drive Discs, Combos, and more in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). 

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Anby’s playstyle and combos

Anby’s kit is all about being quick and doing the most amount of damage in a short period. The Stun attributes allow her to do a bunch of follow-up attacks without having to defend herself as much. Mainly because Anby is great at immobilizing enemies. Additionally, she might be the easiest character to play since her basic attacks are where the power comes from.

Best builds for Anby

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Anby guide: Best builds, W-Engines, Drive Discs, combos, and more
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When playing as Anby, you will be the main DPS for the most part. Get in, output the maximum amount of damage, and get out. This build is not only against the smaller enemies all grouped up, but I’ve taken it against bosses in Zenless Zone Zero. 

This build plays into her strengths by using most of her Daze attributes. Most of her damage will come from her basic attacks to make things even easier. So, if you’re worried about doing some fancy character-building, that won’t be needed.

W-Engines to use for Anby

Since Anby is more dynamic than most of the other characters in Zenless Zone Zero, her ceiling in terms of what W-Engines she can use is higher. Let’s go over some alternative W-Engines for Anby.

Zzz Anby Fighting A Sheiled Enemy
  • The Restrained: As mentioned, most of her power and damage will be coming from her basic attacks. So why not make those skills even stronger? When you have got The Restrained W-Engine on Anby, her basic attack does more damage. However, the added caveat, it increases her Daze by six percent for around eight seconds. Since her basic attack already inflicts Daze, this W-Engine brings that number higher. This results in the ability to Stun enemies more often than not.
  • Hellfire Gears: Off-field, Anby’s Energy increases by 0.6%. But when she uses her EX Special Attack, the Impact is increased by 10 percent for up to 10 seconds. To make things better, it stacks twice with each stack being different than the other. 
Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Anby guide: Best builds, W-Engines, Drive Discs, combos, and more
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  • Demara Battery MK II: You’ll be Dodge Countering a lot with Anby, this W-Engine will reward that play style. For every Dodge Counter, the Energy Regen rate is 18 percent for eight seconds. Plus, you’ll also get 15 percent more Stun Damage. If you can’t tell by now, compounding her Electric Damage is paramount. Helps with the Daze and Stun attributes. 

Disc Drives for Anby

Just like W-Engines, the Anby seems to have more options when picking these buffs. On top of the ones I’ve chosen, there’s a plethora of Disk Drives to select. However, these stand out the most and still use her main attributes.

  • Freedom Blues Four Piece: If you’re using the Hellfire Gears which require you to use the EX Special Attack, the drive decreases the Attribute Anomaly by 30 percent for eight seconds. On Anby’s side, the Attribute Anomaly attacks increase to 30 percent. Enemies can take more damage from Attribute Anomaly, while you can do even more damage. It doesn’t stack, but with the speed of Anby, you might not need it to.
Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Anby guide: Best builds, W-Engines, Drive Discs, combos, and more
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Precious Fossilized Core: With Anby’s Daze stat being maxed out, this Drive Disc benefits from it. When you quickly bring down the enemy’s health to 50 percent due ot Anby’s speed, her attack doubles. I didn’t have The Restrained W-Engine for a while, this Drive Disc replaced it quite well and made chain attacks worth it. 
  • Shockstar Disco: With this build using her Daze stat, this Disc Drive gives you more Daze for a lot of movement. At the base level, your Impact increases by about six percent. But all the good stuff is associated with the Four Piece effect. Every time Anby attacks using her basic, dash, and dodge counterattacks, she hits for 20 percent more Daze. When you’re able to hit often, Shockstar Disco and create a chain reaction with The Restraine. You’ll hit 20 percent while also stacking your Daze for another six percent which is coming from the W-Engine.
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  • Thunder Metal Two and Four Piece: At the base, it increases Electric Damage by 10 percent. Even if you don’t have a W-Engine that gives your Electric Damage a boost, don’t worry, this Disk Drive can be a great replacement since it covers all your attacks — not just basic ones. However, the Four Piece is where the real stuff happens. Shocked enemies get 30 percent more damage. So if you use your EX Special to increase your Stun Damage, this drive can amplify that move set. 

Anby Stat Priority 

  1. Basic Attack
  2. Core Skill
  3. Dodge
  4. Special Attack
  5. Chain Attack
  6. Assists

This priority is all about making her attack often and attack fast. With her aforementioned build, you’re going to be doing just that. By having her Basic Attacks as the main one to upgrade, the whole gameplan is about Stunning the enemy as fast as you can. Next, her Core Skills Daze attacks get increased upon the third strike. When you max this stat out, the Daze attributes skyrocket allowing enemies to stop attacking for longer. 

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I highly recommend Demara Battery MK II if you use this priority lineup. When you Dodge Energy Regen increases by faster. You also get Stun Damage as well. By putting the Dodge skill in third, you can always rely on that to bring you Special and Chain Attacks up since the Demara Battery MK II drive increases energy faster. When you’re able to do that, Special and Chain Attacks can happen more often.

Best Team Comps for Anby in Zenless Zone Zero

One of the biggest reasons why I like Anby is that she can be paired with a lot of the other characters in Zenless Zone Zero better. I’ve talked about Anby’s best team comps before, but after playing more, I think there are a few more I can go over.

  • Anby, Billy, and Anton: High speed and high damage is the name of the game for this lineup. Anby will quickly eat away the enemy’s health. Then, Billy (who’s also very fast) can continue keeping pressure on. Anton, adds that extra punch to compound the attack. When you get the combo going between the three, you can start with Anby, Billy can put in even more hits, then finish, or to take a massive chunk of health off — Anton can put in that heavy damage.
Anby Zzz Build Comp
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  • Anby, Corin, and Nekomata: Much like the lineup above, but the main attacker will be Nekomate. While she’s quickly scrambling and putting in a lot of DPS, Anby with Daze effects can stop the enemy from countering. When and if that happens, bring out Corin to inflict a large amount of damage on more than one enemy.  However, I suggest using Corin as a supplemental attacker due to her slowed play style. Doing so will leave a heavy dent in the enemy’s health. 

Best Bangboos for Anby in ZZZ

The Plugboo seems to be Anbys best friend in ZZZ for a few reasons. Note, that it’s an S-Tier Bangboo, so it might be harder to pull. But once you get it, Anby will benefit from the Plugboo. The active skill is Shock Sniper which increases and stacks Electric Anomaly Damage.

Now, if you have the Freedom Blues Four Piece, you’re off to the races. When the enemy has less Anomaly Resistance and you have more Attribute  Anomaly attacks, it’s easier to take down even the hardened enemies. The chain attack of Plugboo is something that can help quite a bit. It unleashes a massive electric attack and hurts all enemies nearby

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On the other hand, if you don’t have the Plugboo, there are great alternatives that can help Anby out.

  • Avocaboo: The active skill shoots bullets out at the characters potentially healing them. But if you miss these shots, they land on the ground. When you touch these areas, your health goes up. If you have a support character, the bullets heal for around 20 percent more.
  • Electroboo: This helper is like the little brother of Plugboo. It hurts all the enemies for all the same things as the Plugboo, but it also electrocutes target enemies. On top of that, when you have two more electric-based characters, the Electric Anomaly build does 60 percent more damage

How to farm Anby Materials in ZZZ

Her promotional materials are the following: Stun Certification Seals and Investigator Logs. To get Stun Certification Seals, you must do the Combat Simulation. This section unlocks after you’ve reached the second area of Zenless Zone Zero. It’ll be in the Agent Promotion section under Stun Drill

Zzz Combat Sim
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Investigator Logs are acquired the same way. However, look for Basic Materials and Investigation Specialization to earn the logs. Once you level your Inter-Knot reputation Zenless Zone Zero, you can earn more characters to get more Investigtor Logs and Stun Certification Seals.

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