Zenless Zone Zero Cross Platform guide
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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) cross-platform guide: How to connect your account to PC, PS5, Xbox, and mobile

Quick and simple.

You may have started your journey in Zenless Zone Zero on PC, but realized you’d prefer to play the game on console. Lucky for you, it’s possible to transfer your account to consoles or mobile without losing any progress. Here’s how to connect your ZZZ account to PS5, PC, Xbox, and mobile.

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How to transfer your Zenless Zone Zero saved data to another platform

The most important fact you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero is that you must create a HoYoverse account and receive an ID to even play the game. All your progress in Zenless Zone Zero is tied to your HoYoverse account, and not the platform you’re playing on. You can easily create an account on the HoYoverse website.

The HoYoverse account you create can be used across all platforms the game is available on including PS5, PC, and mobile. In other words, to transfer your saved data to another platform, all you need to do is log into your HoYoverse account on the platform you’d like to play the game.

Here’s an example: Say you want to transfer your saved data from mobile over to PS5. When booting up Zenless Zone Zero for the first time on PS5, select “Log in with existing HoYoverse ID.” Enter your HoYoverse account information that you used for your mobile playthrough and log in.

This will carry over all your saved data from mobile and allow you to continue from where you left off on the PS5. As previously mentioned, this works on any platform that Zenless Zone Zero is available on.

It’s really that simple. Just remember that your Zenless Zone Zero saved data is directly tied to your HoYoverse account. It’s actually a really great system as it allows you to switch between platforms with ease, making it possible to play the game on the go whenever you please or on the big screen at home. You can bring your favorite free characters anywhere!

Can you play Zenless Zone Zero on Xbox?

At the time of writing, Zenless Zone Zero is not available on Xbox consoles. Additionally, there has been no confirmation from miHoYo if it plans on releasing the game on Xbox in the future. That said, if Zenless Zone Zero does come to Xbox, the same method to transfer accounts and saved data will apply.

That’s all you need to know about cross-platform and transferring saved data for Zenless Zone Zero. Speaking of cross-platform, did you know you can play the latest Gacha game on Steam Deck? Learn how by checking out this Steam Deck guide.

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