Zenless Zone Zero (zzz) Reroll Guide How To Reset Your Account And Start Fresh(1)

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) reroll guide: How to reset your account and start fresh

Let's do that again.

If you want to start over and get a character you didn’t land on in Zenless Zone Zero, resetting might be a good idea. This guide will walk you through how to reroll and reset your account in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) and start fresh. 

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How to reroll your account and start fresh in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)

There are many reasons to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero such as pulling again in a banner to get a character you wanted. Plus, you can also select Belle or Wise again. However, to reroll and start over, you have to get a new account for Zenless Zone Zero.

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This would mean you have to do everything all over again. On the other hand, since you can skip cut scenes and the game itself is rather fast, you can quickly catch up to your initial spot. Plus, you can redo missions in casual or challenge mode.

What is lost when rerolling?

The good news is that there’s not much you’ll be missing out on other than web events. These events happen periodically, so redoing them won’t be much of an issue. Those awards are given to accounts that have participated in the events, so you’ll need to take part in them.

But, you’ll even earn the pre-register rewards for the new account you create. It also seems like every fresh account made for Zenless Zone Zero gets those pre-register rewards. 

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However, the downside is that when you reroll in the game, you lose the characters you’ve earned in your last account. This means all your pulls might be different this time around. The good news about this fact is that you could increase the chance of landing on an S-Tier character. You can thank the free pulls you get from the start. This is probably the best way to learn all the characters’ specialties in Zenless Zone Zero.

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