Zeno Clash II - framerate arena

22 frames? UNACCEPTABLE.

A pair of free challenge maps have descended upon Zeno Clash II today, along with a 60% off sale on Steam (making the game a very reasonable $8.00 USD.) The first is a fairly standard “waves of attack” mode, albeit in traditional Zeno Clash style (so not that standard.) 50 waves of foes stand between you and ultimate glory. Between rounds, you’ll be able to buy weapons and allies to aid you.

Quite nice to have as a free extra, but it’s the other mode which sounds much more intriguing. Dubbed the “frame-rate challenge,” this spawn weird, wireframe enemies at increasing frequency until it begins to bog down your PC. The waves are limited only by the PC’s power. Keep that frame-rate above 25 to win!

As is the trend these days, the game now comes with Steam trading cards. So you can disturb small children by attempting to trade virtual freaky bird-beasts with them in exchange for Panini football stickers.

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