September 5th, 2017

Zero Point to offer a head-tracked Oculus Rift film


Fans of futuristic vision-based alternate-reality technology, rejoice! Games aren’t the only thing the Oculus Rift headset is good for, as Condition One – a new company devoted to creating immersive films for the Oculus Rift – has announced a movie called Zero Point.

Zero Point – created and directed by Academy Award nominee Danfung Dennis – will apparently profile “pioneers of the emerging world of virtual reality”, along with the researchers and developers that made it all happen. It’ll be a full, 3D, 360-degrees experience, with the Rift letting you turn and look at whatever you fancy. Now we just need to get motion tracking in there too so that you can pretend like you’re in a videogame cutscene, jumping on shelves and bouncing around the room like an idiot while people earnestly give out exposition without reacting to your insane antics.

An interactive trailer for Zero Point can be viewed right now. No head-tracking required for this: you can just use your mouse to change your view. The interactive trailer offers a number of different (and slightly unorthodox) surroundings; you’ll see a beach, the halls of E3, and a military training operation at Camp Pendleton.

The film itself will apparently be released to owners of the Oculus Rift later this year. Speaking of the Rift, I’m still planning on writing more about my experiences with it whenever I get the time.

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