Zombie Army 4 Combat Guide Best Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Perks, Leveling Feat

The characters

You’ve got an assortment of characters to choose from in Zombie Army 4. Each one specializes in a particular type of weaponry:

  • Boris – faster charging for special melee attacks; improved melee; slower speed
  • Jun – Brain Buster (pistol special skill) requires fewer kills to charge; faster movement and lower stamina depletion when sprinting; weaker melee
  • Karl – Overkill (sniper rifle special skill) requires fewer kills to charge; higher critical strike rating for long-range shots and lower stamina depletion when using Empty Lung (holding your breath); lower health regeneration
  • Shola – Weapon Focus (shotgun or submachine gun special skill) requires fewer kills to charge; larger trap damage radius; lower bullet damage resistance

Zombie Army 4 Group

Karl Fairburne, given that he’s the protagonist of the Sniper Elite franchise, tends to be my go-to character. Boosts to using the sniper rifle special skill, crits, and aiming via the Empty Lung mechanic mean that you’ll be a killing machine from a distance.

Wprk Char

Still, no matter which character you choose, they can all use the same weapons and perks. Now, let’s take a look at the best weapon loadout and upgrades in Zombie Army 4.

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