Zombie Army 4 Combat Guide Best Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Perks, Leveling Feat

The best perk choices

You can have up to five perks in Zombie Army 4, but you’ll need to level up first to unlock more slots. A perk slot is available at level 1 (by default), and more are unlocked at levels 5, 15, 25, and 35.

  • Those are just for the slots that let you equip perks. The perks themselves have different unlocking prerequisites:
  • Some are straightforward reaching levels 23, 44, and 58 to increase the ammo count of your pistol, shotgun, and sniper rifle, respectively.
  • Others may require you to search for collectibles. For instance, “Back Catalogue” (increased special ammo) has you looking for comic books while “Exterminator” (lower special melee attack cooldown) has you searching for zombie hands.
  • There are those that require specific types of kills. The “Heavy” perk (lets you carry turrets/increased heavy weapon ammo) will have you getting 50 heavy weapon final blows. Meanwhile, “Brain Buster Expert” (increased number of headshot targets for Brain Buster) requires that you get a lot of kills using that ability.
  • “Enhanced Vigor” and “Enhanced Stamina” require that you finish any chapter besides the introductory one without either your health or stamina dropping below 50%.
  • There are even some egregiously specific ones such as “Combo Extension” (increases your combo chain timer). This perk and its subsequent upgrades require dozens of multi-kills when your timer is below three seconds.

Below, you’ll see some examples of maxed-out perks I’ve acquired so far in Zombie Army 4:

Wprk 1

So, what exactly is the best perk? I’m quite a fan of “Second Chance.” It’s similar to the “Last Stand” mechanic that you’ll see in FPS games like Call of Duty. It tends to be a mandatory pick since you’ll never know when an Armored Giant’s smash or a Butcher’s slash end up downing you.

The “Second Chance” perk lets you revive once per chapter if you kill enemies within a timeframe (increased to two procs when fully upgraded). Combine this with “Survivor” (increased bleed-out time, use Brain Buster skill instantly when downed, revive with full health) and you’ll be back in tip-top shape in no time.

Zombie Army 4 Combat Guide Best Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Perks, Leveling Perk Second Chance

Other obvious choices include:

  • “Combo King” – replenish health, stamina, and special melee attack when you get a 50-combo chain
  • “Combo Extension” – as mentioned, this perk increases your combo chain timer
  • “Sniper Focus” – reduced Empty Lung stamina cost and increased Overkill damage; perfect for those who main Karl Fairburne

For those who focus more on Zombie Army 4‘s multiplayer, “Combat Medic” and “Tightly Knit” can aid you often. The former lets you revive teammates and heal yourself faster. It also lets you shoot teammates with divine bullets to heal them (which is great if you upgraded your M1911). The latter decreases the damage you take when teammates are nearby, though the first unlock comes only once you reach level 93.

Zombie Army 4

All this talk about perks, but how exactly do you level up quickly in Zombie Army 4? Well, read on to find out.

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