Zombie Army 4 Combat Guide Best Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Perks, Leveling Feat

Leveling up in Zombie Army 4

The gist about leveling up is to attain high scores/Gold Medals when you complete levels to earn the most exp, and that’s done by keeping your combo chain up. Heck, you can simply play each mission, or even join multiplayer lobbies since some teammates could help finish the job for you. However, if you’re keen on farming, there’s a ridiculously easy way to amass a high score while upgrading the “Combo King” and “Combo Boost” perks.

  • Pick “Dead Ahead: Chapter 2 – Locomotive Lockdown.” It’s the first mission after the short tutorial.
  • Select easy or medium difficulty and a four-player setup (to spawn more mobs).
  • Make sure you’ve got the “Combo King” perk equipped and, if possible, also “Combo Extension.”
  • Remember the loadouts I mentioned earlier since those weapons are what you should be using.

In the HQ, don’t open the door to the train station just yet. Plant some teller mines in the surrounding area first. There’s also an ammo crate nearby so you can stock up. Once you’re ready, open the door, skip the cutscene, and eliminate the undead.

Dead Ahead Mission 1 Start

When your combo chain is around 90+, start making your way to the next area. Hopefully, your combo timer will last long enough to kill an extra zombie. You should be able to keep your chain at 100+ as you continue to progress. You’ll eventually reach a trainyard with traps that let you electrocute zombies, netting you more points.

Dead Ahead Mission 1 Trainyard

Finally, you’ll reach the market square where you encounter Suicider Zombies. If you selected the four-player setup, you’ll have a hundred or so enemies shambling towards you. It’s possible to reach a 250+ combo chain if you’re fast enough, or two 100+ combo chains. That’s a quick and easy 350,000 to 400,000+ score for a 15-minute run, and you’ll have fully-upgraded both the “Combo King” and “Combo Boost” perks.

Dead Ahead Mission 1 Combo

Also, take note of Zombie Army 4‘s weekly challenges. Some of these have specific restrictions and boons. The one for this week leads to the same mission. The difference is that you can’t use your secondary weapon, but you’ve got unlimited sniper rifle ammo. You’ll rack up your combo kills in no time.

Dead Ahead Mission 1 Selection

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our PC technical review.

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