Zombie Army 4 Release Trailer

Ever been in a mood where you want to lay waste to a horde of the undead? Well, thanks to Rebellion, you can. The publisher announced today that Zombie Army 4: Dead War is now available, where up to four players can unleash havoc on thousands of zombies.

What does Zombie Army 4 have in store?

The game takes place in 1946. Following the defeat of Hitler, a new plot, “Plan Z,” is put into place. With it, zombies now run across Europe, threatening everyone they come across. It’s up to you, as a member of the Survival Brigade, to destroy them and take back your country.

The game features support for up to four players, in drop-in/drop-out fashion, and features all sorts of enemies to go up against. There are even zombie sharks and zombie tanks, in case you want the ultimate challenge.

In addition to a jam-packed campaign mode, Zombie Army 4 also includes a Horde Mode. This gets interesting as you progress throughout, as the map begins to open up. The more terrain you have to cover, the more intense the challenge gets as zombies pile onto the screen.

Fortunately, you’ll have the skills and weapons to match. When it comes to progression, Zombie Army 4 allows you to choose weapon upgrades, special attacks, and skills. This means melee moves that can incapacitate a zombie within a matter of milliseconds — and in bloody fashion.

As for weapons, you can find workbenches and really let them work magic on enemies. Ever have an assault rifle that could unleash lightning on opponents? With Zombie Army 4, that can become your new, nightmarish reality.

Oh, and did we mention the X-Ray Kill Cam? With this, there’s a whole new focus on zombie carnage, as your bullets fly through them like paper. Bloody, muscle-covered paper, but you get the idea.

The game covers a lot of ground, so you and your friends should be busy for quite some time. You can grab Zombie Army 4: Dead War today on the Epic Games Store. Need a taste of what’s in store? Check out the trailer below!

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