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If you happen to like both zombies and feudal Japan, then Ed-0: Zombie Uprising just might appeal to you. Developed by Lancarse Ltd. and published by D3PUBLISHER Inc., Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will see players partake in 3D action rogue-lite gameplay as they fend off a zombie apocalypse in Edo-era Japan. A recently released trailer props up this goofy premise with over-the-top violence and corny delivery for the narration. Luckily, players won’t have to wait long at all to participate in the carnage, as Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will see a Steam Early Access release on April 4.

According to a press release, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will have players control one of three traditional Japanese characters to fight off the zombie hordes. One such character, Mumyo, slices zombies apart using his samurai fighting style, while Raiden the sumo wrestler slaps foes into submission. Along with Matoka, a ninja who can footstool off of enemies and glide through the air, they make their way through randomized levels using a variety of options for customizable builds.


What’s included in the Early Access?

Upon downloading the Early Access version, players get access to two of the three playable characters, with the third coming later on. Additionally, players can experience over 10 hours of gameplay right out of the gate, which includes “three main quests, five sub quests, and three main bosses.” The Early Access release also contains over 100 skills and items, so players will have plenty of opportunities to mix up their playstyle and make each run unique.

Lancarse promised that it would take player feedback into account as it works to implement regular updates over the course of the Early Access lifecycle of Ed-0: Zombie Uprising. Hopefully, by the time the final version comes out, the game will end up as exactly the kind of silly, fun romp that its premise suggests.

Ed-0 Zombie Uprising Early Access zombie

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