Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The mid-season content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War goes live today, and developer Treyarch is already looking ahead. While this latest update, like the start of season one, focuses primarily on multiplayer, zombies content is picking up. The mid-season adds a new mode to zombies, but it’s what’s next that’ll interest most.

The developer has finally announced the next proper zombies map. Firebase Z is coming as a final hurrah for season one, when it’s scheduled to launch on February 4. While Treyarch hasn’t revealed all the details on the February 4 update, we can’t imagine much else will drop in season one. After all, the game’s second season is set for the end of February.

Firebase Z serves as the the next chapter in the Dark Aether story, which kicked off with Die Maschine in Black Ops Cold War. The setup focuses on the WWII-era “Projekt Endstation” site, which is now the latest Dark Aether outbreak site. This is Outpost 25, known by its code name as Firebase Z.

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z

It sounds like a direct continuation of Die Maschine then, as the developer tries to ground the zombies mode a little more this time around. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 went a little crazy with multiple convoluted storylines, where Treyarch is starting a fresh with Black Ops Cold War.

115 Day

While this announcement comes as a bit of a surprise, tomorrow will tell us a little more. January 15 is classed as 115 Day, for obvious reasons, a day dedicated to CoD Zombies fans. Treyarch says that not only will the event coincide with the free access week, but it’ll also reveal more info on Firebase Z. The zombies event will also tell us a little more on the launch details for the new map, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on 115 Day.

Firebase Z goes live for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on February 4.

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