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All Firework Frenzy rewards in Monopoly GO

Are you ready for a new year?

Monopoly GO has launched us off into the New Year with the Firework Frenzy tournament. This isn’t the first time it’s run, but it’s the first of 2024!

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The Firework Frenzy tournament started at 1 PM ET on January 1, 2024. Even though it’s the new year, we still have some time left for the Heartfelt Holidays album, and so the rewards are huge as players strive to finish the album before it ends. To really end this season with a bang, you’ll be facing double the opponents!

All Milestone Rewards for Firework Frenzy in Monopoly GO

Here are all the milestone rewards for the Firework Frenzy tournament in Monopoly GO. These will be earned as you hit each milestone through earning points in the event. Note that cash values can’t be given, as they’ll differ from player to player. But you should be used to that by now.

These milestone rewards are the same as previous tournaments, so I can only assume Scopely is waiting for the final tournament of this season, starting tomorrow, to really mix things up.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
15540 Free Rolls
240Green Sticker Pack
39070 Free Rolls
41305 minutes of High Roller
511080 Free Rolls
7200Orange Sticker Pack
825015 minutes of Mega Heist
9225Pink Sticker Pack
10275175 Free Rolls
12400Blue Sticker Pack
13375250 Free Rolls
1550020 minutes of Rent Frenzy
16600375 Free Rolls
17550Blue Sticker Pack
19800500 Free Rolls
221,300750 Free Rolls
231,50015 minutes of Cash Grab
252,0001,200 Free Rolls

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Placement Rewards for Firework Frenzy in Monopoly GO

Here are all the placement rewards for the Firework Frenzy tournament in Monopoly GO. These will be rewarded to you at the end of the tournament based on your place. Again, no cash value can be given. This tournament doesn’t have any new Emojis, but this one hosts 100 players, instead of the standard 50. So, you’ll be facing double the competition!

1st850 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack
2nd600 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack
3rd400 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Purple Sticker Pack
4th300 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Blue Sticker Pack
5th250 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Blue Sticker Pack
6th200 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Pink Sticker Pack
7th150 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Pink Sticker Pack
8th100 Free Rolls, Cash, and an Orange Sticker Pack
9th75 Free Rolls, Cash, and an Orange Sticker Pack
10th50 Free Rolls, Cash, and an Orange Sticker Pack
11th to 15th25 Free Rolls and Cash
16th to 100thCash

How does the Firework Frenzy tournament work in Monopoly GO?

Trading Stickers In Monopoly Go
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Firework Frenzy is a tournament in Monopoly GO. Once you’ve hit five points, you’ll be drafted into a tournament, this time with 99 other players! Each of you will race to get as many points as possible.

You’ll be earning points by robbing and striking other players, so only the most competitive out of your tournament will win the biggest rewards. You’ll need to get as many points as you can, as you’ll only receive the rewards of your place once the tournament is over.

Along the way, you’ll earn milestone rewards, just like in the milestone events. There are only 25 thresholds to reach this time, although the rewards still get better and better. The grand prize is 1,200 Free Rolls, which is the norm now, although I do miss the highs of 1,800 Free Rolls (not that I ever won them!).

How to get points in Firework Frenzy in Monopoly GO

Earning points is the only way to progress and earn rewards in the Firework Frenzy tournament. To earn points, you’ll need to land on a Railway Tile and perform one of the following actions:

  • Blocked Shutdown = 2 points.
  • Successful Shutdown = 4 points.
  • Small Heist = 4 points.
  • Large Heist = 6 points.
  • Bankrupt! = 8 points.

The points you earn here will be multiplied by your dice multiplier, so you’ll need to be rolling high to get to the top spots.

Best way to win the Firework Frenzy in Monopoly GO

Considering this is a Monopoly GO event, your success here is entirely dependent on luck. You’ll have to hope that the dice roll you to a Railway Tile, and you’ll have to hope that you perform and guess well. However, there are certain strategies you can employ to improve your chances.

It may be beneficial to only up the dice multiplier when you have a better chance of actually landing on a Railway Tile. Statistically, this is unpredictable, but you can tell if you’re a little far away or too close to realistically roll those numbers.

Also, with the Shutdowns, you can switch your opponents. Keep switching until you find someone already hit hard, as it’s likely they are without their shield. Try to find the most beat-up and kick them while they’re down.

When it comes to Bank Heists, there are certain patterns I’ve noticed that have served me rather well. Take note of these, and you should see your win rate improving. No promises, but they’ve worked for me.

How long does the Firework Frenzy tournament last in Monopoly GO?

The Firework Frenzy tournament will be available for the next 24 hours as usual, so it will end on January 2 at 1 PM ET, in line with the last day of the Heartfelt Holidays album! So, if you want those Galaxy Sticker Packs to complete your album, then you’ll need to tournament like you’ve never done before.

While you’re here, make sure you’re up to date on the latest way to trade stickers!

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