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All illusory wall locations in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

A bug or a feature?

Intended or not, illusory walls in Shadow of The Erdtree are there to stay and are a fun little thing to find in Elden Ring. Some of them hide secrets. However, one or two will just let you fall to your death, which is pretty on-brand.

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Where to find fake walls in Shadow of The Erdtree

Here are all the locations of the illusory walls we know about so far in Shadow of the Erdtree. There may be more, and I’ll continue to smash my head into walls until I find them all. While I keep searching for fake walls, use the player-written messages to know where illusory walls are. Sometimes, these messages are trolling, but there may be times when they tell the truth.

Shadow Keep illusory walls

There are currently two in Shadow Keep. One is not so interesting, but the other is access to an important area.

#1 Storeroom Floor One

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Take a left from the Floor One Site of Grace through the door and onto the lift down. From the lift, take the door on your right and you will come to the end of the corridor. Here you will see some stairs down and a dead end on the left. But is it even a dead end? Give a whack to the wall to the left of the stairs to reveal a hidden area.

#2 Route to Abyssal Woods

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This is actually a pretty major shortcut that saves you from navigating down the side of a cliff. So, begin at the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace which is where you beat the Golden Hippo. Head out of the side door here and up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, take a right. To the left of the burning boats, you will see a ladder down. Take the ladder. Be careful at the bottom, the ledge is thin. Go right and enter behind the waterfall. Here, you will see a ladder you need to take down.

Illusory Walls Shadow Of The Erdtree (2)
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At the bottom of the lift, head to the room at the end to collect a painting. To the southwest of the room, you will see a clear wall between barrels and boxes. Smack it to open the path to the Abyssal Wood.

Abyssal Woods illusory walls

There are two more illusory walls in Midras Hall that will open up shortcuts and gateways. As usual, these save you time and act as shortcuts. Before you get here, you will need to follow the second shortcut from Shadow Keep.

#1 To Midras Manse

This one is just inside Midras Hall, by the first Site of Grave you find. Heading east from this Site of Grace will face you with a huge golden painting. Hit this to reveal a hidden path. Make sure to pick up the Torn Diary Page on the left, which will reveal the next hidden path.

#2 Manse Hall illusory wall

After navigating Midras Library, you will open up the shortcut leading back to Manse Hall. This door can be found on the ground floor on the east side of the room. However, pay attention to the south wall of the room, by the door. Here, you will see another painting that will reveal yet another illusory wall in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Rauh Ancient Ruins illusory wall

There is only one so far in the Rauh Ancient Ruins, but who knows what the future of Shadow of The Erdtree holds?

#1 Rauh Ancient Ruins

Illusory Walls Shadow Of The Erdtree (5)
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From the Viaduct Minor Tower, head Southwest until you find yourself with a load of pillars. Head to your right to enter the large chamber. Go to the back wall and take a right to find yourself at a large door. Open this door up and head inside, being aware of the Scorpions.

On the far wall, you will see three statues. Hit the middle one to open up the illusory wall in Shadow of the Erdtree and grab a cookbook and some other items.

Rabbaths Rise illusory wall

This is a quick and easy one to get, which will land you a new weapon.

Rabbaths Rise Shadow of The Erdtree illusory wall

Illusory Walls Shadow Of The Erdtree (4)
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Simply head into Rabbaths Rise, which can be found just to the east of Church District Highroad. It is the church you see up on the hill. Head inside and up to the top floor, which is accessible by the stairs. Hit the wall opposite the stairs to reveal a blocked Spirit Spring.

Destroy this and then head back outside to use the Spirit Spring to reach the top floor. Here you can grab the Rabbath’s Cannon weapon. Check out our guides hub for all the other Shadow of The Erdtree weapons locations and more.

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