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Elden Ring Guides Features Hub

Elden Ring is a fusion of Souls-like action and difficulty, alongside open-world gameplay. As one of the Tarnished, you’ll battle vicious bosses, gather items to boost your capabilities, discover secrets, and immerse yourself in a cryptic but mesmerizing narrative arc. You’re likely to spend a hundred hours or so, while only scratching the surface of the massive realm known as The Lands Between. Here’s our Elden Ring guides and features hub to help you with everything you need to know about the game.

Note: I’ll continue updating our Elden Ring guides hub with more articles, so stay tuned. Well, it’s a big-ass game, and I’m only one person. Sigh…


Elden Ring guides and features hub

Official reviewElden Ring is made by FromSoftware, so it tries to carry the banner for the Souls/Soulsborne franchise. Does it succeed and is it worth your while? Or did it fail to live up to the hype?

Technical reviewElden Ring has a gorgeous world, but how does it perform under the hood? We take a look at the graphics, performance, and other settings.

Elden Ring starter guides

This section will have some early-game tips for newcomers, as well as the topics concerning general mechanics that you’ll be using throughout the campaign.

Elden Ring campaign walkthrough

This section contains our main objectives to progress further in the campaign. The first few guides have topics that are tackled in sequential order. After you clear the Academy of Raya Lucaria, the game becomes more open-ended, and it’s up to you how you’ll handle the objectives.


Liurnia of the Lakes

Altus Plateau

Mount Gelmir


Leyndell Royal Capital

Mountaintops of the Giants and Crumbling Farum Azula

Leyndell, Ashen Capital

Overworld, side activities, and secrets

This section will have additional activities that you can do on the side, as well as those that can be discovered while exploring the overworld. These are not specifically tied to the progression of the narrative arc.



Liurnia of the Lakes

Altus Plateau

Mount Gelmir


Nokron Eternal City

Deeproot Depths

Nokstella Eternal City

Lake of Rot

Hidden Path to Haligtree/Miquella’s Haligtree

Mohgwyn Palace

Crumbling Farum Azula

Secret Endings

Elden Ring is available via Steam.

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