All New Content In Last Epoch 1.0
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All Last Epoch changes from Early Access to 1.0 full release

From first to Last Epoch

After being in Early Access for four years, Last Epoch is finally ready for its 1.0 full release. With it exiting Early Access, here is everything new coming to Last Epoch.

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All new content in Last Epoch 1.0, listed

Last Epoch already has a lot to offer, but the 1.0 full release gives us even more. We’re getting two more Mastery Classes, a revised Shaman Mastery Class, Cycles, Item Factions and trade, improved lighting and scene variety, revamped endgame activities, and a host of bug fixes.

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New Mastery Classes – Falconer and Warlock

Last Epoch 1.0 Content Update
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The most exciting addition to Last Epoch coming in 1.0 is the Warlock and Falconer Mastery Classes. These are like subclasses for each class and there are three available to each class. Warlock is the third Mastery Class for Acolyte and Falconer is the third Mastery Class for Rogue.

Both Mastery Classes look very fun and different from the other Mastery Classes. If you’re joining Last Epoch with the 1.0 launch, make sure you know how to unlock the Mastery Classes.

Revised Shaman Mastery Class

The community was vocal about Shaman being one of the weakest Mastery Classes in Last Epoch and Eleventh Hour Games has listened. At 1.0, the Primalist Mastery Class called Shaman is revamped. It’s not a full rework, mind you. Some Shaman Skills like Tempest Strike and their Passives are getting improvements to bring the Mastery Class to the same level as others.

Item Factions and trade

At Last Epoch 1.0, there is a Merchants Guild and Circle of Fortune’s Faction. One Faction focuses on creating a player-driven economy based on trading. The other allows you to opt out of trading and instead take a permanent buff to the quality of items that drop for you.

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Improved lighting and scene variety

Last Epoch Lighting Upgrade
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To further beautify the game, Last Epoch 1.0 has a revamped lighting system. The lighting is much more dynamic with lights on your character and stronger shadows to provide detailed context to the areas you explore.

There’s also a scene variant system that adds variety to every location you visit. This will be used mostly during Cycles, which are Last Epoch’s Seasons, but it can be used to provide a different landscape every time you enter an area.

Endgame changes – Echoes and Corruption

Two endgame mechanics, Echoes and Corruption, are getting a polish at the launch of Last Epoch. The Echo mods don’t affect difficulty as much but instead offer you more predictable bonuses. To compensate for difficulty at higher levels and harder content, Corruption is now how to directly scale the challenge. Here are the numbers at launch:

  • 100 corruption: 60% more monster damage and health (from 50%)
  • 200 corruption: 170% more monster damage and health (from 100%)
  • 300 corruption: 281% more monster damage and health (from 147%)
  • 500 corruption: 505% more monster damage and health (from 289%)

Bug fixes

Of course, at the launch of Last Epoch, many bug fixes will go live. These bug fixes focus on improved performance, more stable networks, and balancing. Sadly, the current state of character customization isn’t changing.

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