How to unlock Mastery Classes in Last Epoch

How To Unlock Mastery Classes In Last Epoch
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Mastery Classes is one of the unique features in Last Epoch that sets it apart from other dungeon crawlers. If you’re as eager as I was to learn when you get your Mastery Class in Last Epoch, read on to find out.

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Last Epoch: How to get a Mastery Class

How To Choose A Mastery Class In Last Epoch
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The ability to choose a Mastery Class is unlocked through the main campaign. You need to complete a mission called The Power of Mastery, which is about the 13th mission you receive. Once you reach the End of Time, walk up the floating spiral steps and talk to Elder Gaspar. It’s here you’ll select your Mastery Class.

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It took me about three hours of playing through all the main and side missions to make it to the End of Time and select a Mastery. I was around level 15 when I got my Mastery Level, but again, getting your Mastery Class is based on main mission progress, not level.

Be warned: You don’t get to respec your Mastery Class. I wish there was a way to do this so you could experiment with the other Mastery Classes. At least give us an option to manually save so we can come back if we want to dip our toes into the other Mastery Classes. Basically, you need to choose wisely.

All Mastery Classes in Last Epoch, listed

All Mastery Classes In Last Epoch
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Each class in Last Epoch has three Mastery Classes to choose from. Each one allows for drastically different playstyles, which adds fun and flavor to Last Epoch. Here are all the Mastery Classes in Last Epoch:

  • Sentinel
    • Paladin
    • Void Knight
    • Forge Guard
  • Mage
    • Runemaster
    • Spellblade
    • Sorcerer
  • Primalist
    • Shaman
    • Beastmaster
    • Druid
  • Acolyte
    • Lich
    • Necromancer
    • Warlock
  • Rogue
    • Falconer
    • Marksman
    • Bladedancer

There isn’t a Mastery Class that is bad. They are all useful, unique, and fun. It just depends on how you want to play. Speaking of how to play, if you’re enjoying Last Epoch, there are many more games like it you will love.

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