All Runic Invocation Combinations In Last Epoch
Screenshot: Eleventh Hour Games

All Runic Invocation combinations in Last Epoch

40 unique combinations!

The best party about the Runemaster Mage Mastery in Last Epoch are all the cool Runic Invocation combinations you can cast. We’ll uncover them all and what sort of spell you get with them.

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Runemasters can cast a combination of three Runes in different orders to cast up to 40 different Runic Invocations. Let’s go over all the combinations and how they work.

Last Epoch: All Runic Invocation combinations

The Runemaster has the choice to use three different elemental runes: Heo, Rah, and Gon, which are Cold, Fire, and Lightning, respectively. Choose from one to three Rune combinations and you’ll get a unique Invocation, which makes this a highly versatile skill to have.

All Runic Invocation Combinations In Last Epoch Mage
Screenshot: Eleventh Hour Games

There’s one unique type of Runic Invocation, and that happens when you don’t use any Rune. This will give you an interesting buff:

  • Wordless Invocation: Grants a burst of Ward (80 + 1 per Intelligence).
    • Mana: 12
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds

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RunesInvocation% added damage effectivenessBase damageMana Cost
HeoRune Shard: Cast a swirling, piercing rune shard that can hit an enemy multiple times. 200%40 Cold10
RahTwin Embers: Fires two embers in a spiral, each one dealing Fire Damage on hit.150%30 Fire12
GonCrackling Glyph: Places a lightning glyph on the ground that explodes after a short duration.250%60 Lightning16
Heo, HeoUnvar’s Ice Glyph: A burst of frost grants 20 Ward on hit and has a freeze rate of 100.250%50 Cold37
Heo, RahUnvar’s Eternal Embers: Fires two embers that swirl in the shape of an infinity, dealing Fire Damage on hit.150%20 Fire24
Heo, GonUnvar’s Shockwave: Creates a rapidly expanding circle that deals Lightning Damage on hit.250%50 Lightning28
Rah, RahUnvar’s Eruption: Spews fire projectiles at nearby enemies that each deal damage in a small area on impact.200%40 Fire24
Rah, HeoDragon’s Breath: Deals Fire and Cold Damage to all enemies in a cone in front of you. 200%20 Fire, 20 Cold18
Rah, GonDancing Sparks: Creates a burst of erratic projectiles that deal Lightning Damage and grants Ward on hit. Ward is equal to 10 + 1 per Intelligence200%40 Lightning36
Gon, GonSea of Sparks: Creates a series of sparks under nearby enemies that explode after a short duration. 200%40 Lightning35
Gon, HeoUnvar’s Shatter Bolt: Hurls an arcane bolt that ricochets between enemies, dealing Cold Damage on hit and creating a lightning explosion. Bolt can hit same enemy multiple times, and explosions hit original target that caused them and enemies in small area around them.200%40 Cold36
Gon, RahPlasma Blast: Blasts target enemy with an arc of plasma, dealing Lightning Damage on hit, igniting them and applying spreading flames. Applies seven stacks of ignite, and ignite has 70% increased duration and fire penetration.150%30 Lightning33
Heo, Heo, HeoRevik’s Blizzard: Creates a blizzard at target location dealing Cold Damage over time and Chills enemies every second. 300%15 Cold45
Heo, Rah, HeoReowyn’s Frostguard: Grants 100 Ward, a shield giving you 30% less damage taken and +100% Freeze Rate multiplier. Gain 14 ward every 0.4 seconds250%50 Cold64
Heo, Rah, RahIgneous Rain: Pelts target area with barrage of small meteorites with 50% chance to ignite enemies. Ignites have 20% increased duration.200%40 Fire54
Heo, Rah, GonElemental Tide: Creates three cold explosions, then four fire ones, then five lightning ones in half rings in front of you. Cold explosions have freeze rate of 80.200%40 Cold, Fire, Lightning44
Heo, Heo, RahAergon’s Mirror Bolt: Conjures fire bolt that bounces between enemies and allies. Grants Ward to allies hit or when it ricochets.150%30 Fire56
Heo, Heo, GonConvenant Arc: Lightning arcs between allies and enemies in target location. Allies hit gain a buff granting +100% chance to shock on hit and +10 Lightning Damage for spells/attacks. Allies also gain Frenzy for four seconds which grants 20% increased Attack/Cast Speed.150%30 Lightning44
Heo, Gon, HeoFreezing Cascade: Unleash cascade of icicles. Enemies can be hit by more than one and each hit has Freeze Rate of 100.250%50 Cold46
Heo, Gon, RahAntipode of the Rune Slinger: Conjures an antipode that repeatedly casts Rune Bolts at nearby enemies. Scales with your Rune Bolt tree.100%20 Fire70
Heo, Gon, GonVilatria’s Torm Lance: A beam of lightning hits all enemies in a line in front of you. Beam has 100% base Critical Strike Chance.300%60 Lightning44
Rah, Rah, RahAergon’s Greater Fireball: Hurls a burning orb that creates a massive explosion on target location. Explosion applies Spreading Flames Ailment which deals 100% more damage.150%70 Fire60
Rah, Heo, RahWinds of Eos: Conjures a fiery explosion dealing Fire Damage to enemies hit and grants you Frenzy and four stacks of Fire Aura for four seconds.250% (70% for Fire Aura)50 Fire (14 for Fire Aura)38
Rah, Heo, HeoSwirling Frost: Creates an icy explosion that then forms Cold Damage over time aura around caster. 63% (200% for Melee)12.5 Cold (40 for Melee)38
Rah, Heo, GonTrinity of Elements: Creates three elemental beams rotating around you. Cold beam has 100 Freeze Rate per second.83%16.66 Cold, Lightning, Fire67
Rah, Rah, HeoRime Spiral: Releases barrage of frost arrows. Hits have Freeze Rate of 70.175%35 Cold46
Rah, Rah, GonEchoes of Thunder: Creatures series of lightning explosions are target location and surrounding enemies. 250%50 Lightning46
Rah, Gon, HeoAntipode of Mesembria: Creates antipode at target location. After a few seconds it pulls in all enemies around it and explodes.800%53 Fire, Cold, Lightning62
Rah, Gon, GonIl’kir’s Storm Star: Lobs a projectile at target location. Deals fire damage on impact and creates wind sparks that move randomly and deal Lightning Damage over time to surrounding enemies.250% (175% per second for each spark)50 Fire (14 Lightning for spark)42
Rah, Gon, RahPlasma Orb: Conjures fiery sphere that orbits you and deals Fire Damage to enemies hit. Lightning arcs from orb to nearby enemies and deals Lightning Damage on hit.210% (150% for arcs)42 Fire (30 Lightning for arcs)62
Gon, Gon, GonBall Lightning: Creates a slow-moving orb in target direction. Four times a second lightning arcs from orb to up to seven enemies around it to deal Lightning Damage.100%20 Lightning64
Gon, Heo, HeoReowyn’s Doomfrost: Conjures ice glyphs around up to three target enemies. After a short delay glyphs detonate, dealing Cold Damage to enemies around targets.250%50 Cold48
Gon, Heo, RahRealms of Mayhem: Conjures three glyphs in a line in front of you that explode after a brief delay to deal Cold, Lightning, and Fire Damage. Cold glyph has Freeze Rate of 100.300% Lightning, 250% Cold and Fire60 Lightning, 50 Cold and Fire38
Gon, Heo, GonLightning Web: Lightning arcs between enemies around target. Each enemy can be hit up to three times.150%3056
Gon, Rah, HeoGrand Prism Nova: Create a massive burst of Fire, Cold, and Lightning Damage that hits all enemies around you.600%40 Fire, Cold, Lightning50
Gon, Rah, RahHydrahedron: Conjures fiery octohedron that repeatedly spews arcing fire projectiles at nearby enemies. Projectiles deal Fire Damage in a small area on impact.150%30 Fire60
Gon, Rah, GonRune Gale: Releases an expanding aura granting you Haste. When aura hits enemies it shocks and deals Lightning Damage. After 1.5 seconds aura retracts and 3 seconds later it will detonate, dealing Lightning Damage to enemies surrounding you.300%60 Lightning48
Gon, Gon, HeoWave of Frost: An expanding wave dealing Cold Damage on hit with a Freeze Rate of 100.250%50 Cold48
Gon, Gon, RahAergon’s Plasma Arc: Lightning arcs between enemies around target locations, dealing Lightning Damage on hit, igniting and applying Spreading Flames.150%30 Lightning38

With that expansive list out of the way, you may be interested to know what this mysterious Ward ability in Last Epoch is and how it works.

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