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What is Ward in Last Epoch?

Ward off enemies!

Ward is a common stat that can be found on a wide range of gear in Last Epoch. However, it’s not properly defined. To learn what Ward is in Last Epoch, dive in below. 

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Last Epoch: What does Ward mean?

The best way to describe this attribute is that Ward is a shield that proects your health meter that can be cracked over time. To get Ward, you have to either find gear that has the attribute or generate it from Skills. Each class gets a different amount of Ward from gear. Depending on what you are, you may have to work harder to get a solid protective Ward

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You’ll know Ward is in effect when the health circle has a bluish tint over it. As mentioned, this behaves like a shield. There will be a number at the top that points out how much Ward you have accumulated during the fight. Ward also seems to have no ceiling. When you generate the stat, you can go as high as you want. But the amount you generate over time is dependent on your gear.

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Is Ward important?

I would say so. It has saved my life so many times so far. Whenever I get a new piece of gear, the first thing I check is how much Ward it has. As my Acolyte isn’t very strong, Ward is a lifesaver – literally. Even if you have a brawler character, Ward can make the high-intensity fights manageable. I also noticed many enemies will appear on screen at the same time. Ward makes it easier to absorb the large number of attacks coming down on you. 

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