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Cosmo Breaks are yet another facet of combat in Astria Ascending. Veteran RPG fans might be reminded of mechanics such as Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII. But, there are a few important caveats. Here’s our Astria Ascending Cosmo Break guide to help you with how you can use these abilities.

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Astria Ascending guide: How to use Cosmo Breaks

Cosmo Breaks in Astria Ascending are automatically unlocked after you clear Aries Temple. In fact, if you look at each character’s base job Ascension Tree, you’ll probably wonder why an entire segment is separated from the rest of your perks. That’s because this segment has the star node with that character’s Cosmo Break. Once it’s automatically unlocked, you can start grabbing the nearby nodes, too.

Astrasc Csmbr Gd 1

As mentioned earlier, Cosmo Breaks are akin to Limit Breaks in that you need to fill up a bar/gauge before you can use it. The bar is actually seen just below a character’s HP and MP values.

However, the difference in Astria Ascending is that each job/class has its own way of charging this bar. Likewise, each ability has its own elemental type and function. Here are some examples:

Character/Base Job Cosmo Break Effect Charge Mechanic
Ulan – Captain Sky Support/Fedorah Deals neutral damage to all targets Defend teammates from attacks
Kaydin – Explorer Tempest/Green Migmie Deals wind damage to all targets Kill enemies (any type of damage)
Alek – Soldier Roar/Fedorah Inflicts stun to all targets Kill enemies (physical damage)
Dagmar – Sorcerer Eruption/Red Migmie Deals fire damage to all targets Kill enemies (magical damage)
Eko – Scholar Tsunami/Blue Migmie Deals water damage to all targets Heal allies – The Cosmo Break gauge gets charged even if everyone has full HP as long as you’re casting a cure spell
Arpajo – Thief Warranty/Migster Migmie Allows the party to escape and gives a 50% chance to steal rare items Steal items – This is completely useless since Arpajo has to keep stealing items each turn and some battles will have very few mobs
Kress – Fencer Quake/Purple Migmie Deals earth damage to all targets Kill enemies with an ability
Alassia – Summoner Regeneration/Migmie Casts Regen on all allies; chance to fully restore all MP Deal damage/kill enemies with your summons

Once the gauge has been fully charged, highlight the Attack command and press “Up” on the D-pad. The button will change to reveal the Cosmo Break action. Your character will then unleash that particular Cosmo Break’s effect.

Note: The gauge will be reset if a character gets knocked out.

Astria Ascending Cosmo Break 1

Are Cosmo Breaks in Astria Ascending any good?

Unfortunately, similar to Astrae Summons, the Cosmo Breaks in Astria Ascending are also underwhelming. While it’s true that some Cosmo Breaks are easier to charge up (i.e., Dagmar’s, Eko’s, and Kaydin’s), others can take a while.

The biggest problem here is that many of these Cosmo Breaks use a specific type of element. There’s a good chance that the foes you face in battles won’t always be weak to those elements (some might resist, nullify, or absorb the damage). It can, potentially, mess with the Focus Points that you’ve amassed. On the bright side, they’re pretty powerful when used at the right moment.

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Astria Ascending is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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