Battlefield 2042 is getting its 128-player Breakthrough mode removed

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Player reaction to Battlefield 2042 is some of the roughest the franchise has seen yet. Various issues have seen player counts end up smaller than with previous installments, so it isn’t a giant surprise that DICE is having to peel away some of the excess. Since launch, the game’s Breakthrough mode saw up to 128 players duke it out on one map — but it was too overwhelming for some players, and PCs. However, it’s been announced that the 128-player option in Breakthrough is getting removed from Battlefield 2042. Of course, it’s just one concern addressed among many others.

It was announced today that the 128-player Breakthrough mode will be no more once the 4.1 update goes live on May 19. Players will still be allowed to jump into the 64-player iteration, however, but that’s a pretty far cry from its larger sibling. EA specifies that the reason is because a 128-player match is a better fit for Conquest due to that mode’s larger map size. The company goes on to specify that individual players will have more value in a 64-player match, which allows for more tactical play.


If you want to play 128-player Breakthrough, you better hurry.

You make me want to break out

Battlefield 2042 launched in November of last year to the poorest reception in series history. The PlayStation 5 version sits at a 61 on Metacritic. Worse yet, the game has a 27% Mostly Negative score on Steam out of over 100,000 reviews. Although, in fairness, a great many of the Steam reviews are basically meme reviews, with a lot of one-sentence gags and ASCII art. To put it bluntly, series fans are quite unhappy for various reasons, one of which was the confusion and dissatisfaction dealing with 128 players on a single map. Let’s hope that this the change actually something that improves Breakthrough across the board, as EA says.

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