Pax Dei Roadmap
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Best base location in Pax Dei

Community is key.

When first starting out in Pax Dei, your first base is going to be an important decision. Placement has various benefits, such as shared land and the convenience of resources. Here are a few spots I think you should look for in Pax Dei.

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Choosing your first spot

There are a few things you need to keep an eye out for when picking your base location in Pax Dei. You want to be close enough to other players to take the bonuses from them but also not suffer from limited resources. Try not to set up too close to enemy spawns, and look for alliances you can make.


When placing your Pax Dei base, the first thing you need to pay attention to is how close you are to resources. There is nothing worse than having to trek halfway across the map for something you’re going to need constantly.

Map Pax Dei First Base
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So when looking for the best spot to place your first base in Pax Dei, look at the map for resources. Most of the areas will have the basics like sticks and iron. However, as you progress there will come a point where you need higher level resources.

Look for an area on the map close to a mine and the areas with small rock symbols on them. Ensure there is also a forest nearby, and you should have everything you need for a while to come. Between these two areas is the sweet spot for a base location in Pax Dei.

Enemy areas

There are various areas on the map with higher-level enemies. Try to keep your base away from these, as they will cause constant grief. These can be places like caves or enemy camps marked by the enemy symbols.

Many of the higher-level enemies are in the high-resource areas. Because of this, it is best to stay just outside these areas. By doing this, you will have easy access to high-level resources close to your Pax Dei base.

Going in with a team

By setting up shop next to allies, not only do you start a community, you also get more area. I would suggest teaming up with an alliance early on and setting up your first Pax Dei camp with them. By connecting your first plot to another, you both gain more land. Not only this but as your base becomes bigger, you have the added protection of surrounding allies.

Pax Dei Building
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I have seen some incredible base villages and even town structures around Pax Dei. Rather than limiting buildings by being cramped, setting up next to allies only strengthens an area. You’re going to need a lot of resources in Pax Dei, so let’s make sure you know how to find some of the basics with our handy guide on finding Clay.

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