10 Best Lethal Company mods

Modded games are the best games.
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While Lethal Company is extremely fun on its own, any video game is better with mods. We’ll unveil the 10 best Lethal Company mods you and your friend should download.

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From gameplay tweaks to simple fixes, these mods will enhance your Lethal Company experience. There aren’t a ton of mods at the moment, but there are enough to upgrade your playthrough.

Lethal Company: 10 best mods

Best Suits In Lethal Company Ranked
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I couldn’t make this list without the best mod you can get, which is MoreCompany. Lethal Company normally only allows you to play with a maximum of four players, but this mod increases that number.

With MoreCompany installed, you can play with a total of 32 people! Although you probably won’t make it to that number, it’s still nice to be able to play with a decently sized group of friends.


Are you ever trying to figure out your total amount of scrap and how much it’s worth? Whenever I do this, sometimes my scanner doesn’t pick up every item, which gets annoying.

Luckily with ShipLoot, anytime you scan items in your ship it’ll display the total cost of the scrap at the top. This will ensure that you know exactly how much scrap you need to meet your next quota.

Lethal Company Use Flashlight
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Anytime I’m playing Lethal Company and holding a heavy item, I can’t just swap to my flashlight and turn it on or off. It’s a real hassle needing to do that, but FlashlightToggle fixes that.

This mod allows you to simply press “F” to toggle your flashlight on and off, no matter if it’s in your hands or not. It still needs to be in your inventory, but this mod fixes this annoying quality-of-life issue.

Brutal Company

Have you ever thought that Lethal Company is a bit too easy? I certainly haven’t, but if you’re someone who likes a challenge, try downloading Brutal Company.

This mod brings hardcore mode to this co-op horror game. It’ll increase the difficulty by having random moon events and introducing new mechanics. Good luck surviving with this mod!

Best Suits In Lethal Company Ranked Green Hazard Pyjama
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More Suits

Normally in Lethal Company, there are only four types of suits you can own. They can also be costly, especially the Pajama suit.

Instead, with the More Suits mod, you can choose from a larger variety of suit colors and types. Your suit is now fully customizable, which can help differentiate you and your teammates.

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Game Settings

Since Lethal Company is still in Early Access, the settings are pretty barren. But if you’d like to run a playthrough with more customizability, try out Game Settings.

With this installed, it’ll allow you to set up your own rules such as starting credits, days before quota, and more. This mod will definitely help with the re-playability of Lethal Company.

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This mod works the same as the FlashlightToggle mod does. With WalkieUse, you can easily use your walkie-talkie by pressing the “R” key.

No matter what item you’re holding, you can talk to your friends with a click of a button with this mod. It’s also another quality-of-life kind of mod that you’ll get so used to you won’t want to uninstall it.


Here’s another mod that helps with a small issue you may have with the hotbar. Many hotbars in games allow you to either scroll or press a number on your keyboard.

ItemQuickSwitch implements this feature into Lethal Company. You don’t just have to rely on the mouse scroll, you can press the numbers one to four on your keyboard for quick item-switching.

Lethal Company Monitor Terminal
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The Minimap mod does exactly what you probably think it does. Normally, the only map you can rely on is the one on the ship, forcing one player to be on camera duty.

But this mod will allow all players to toggle on a minimap that’s fully customizable via the mod menu. You can change the size and position of your map to what you’re comfortable with, making exploring moons a lot easier.


Finally, the BetterStamina mod does just what it says. Lethal Company’s stamina meter is quite unforgiving, especially if you’re holding heavy scrap.

This mod will make stamina consumption and regeneration a lot better, which will help you when you’re trying to run away from creatures. It also lowers your carry weight penalty.

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Lethal Company is available on Steam.

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