Best movesets and counters for Cradily in Pokemon Go

Best movesets and counters for Cradily in Pokemon Go
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Cradily is one of the more bizarre creatures in the Pokemon Go Roster. This Gen III Rock/Grass type is much more than just an odd-looking Pokemon. It can be a tough opponent if you don’t know what you’re up against, and it’s no slouch in PvP. Cliff from Team Rocket even has a Cradily in his squad and can be a real pain if you don’t know how to counter it. Whether you’re into PvP or PvE, this Pokemon can show up and ruin your day, so let me show you the best movesets and counters for Cradily in Pokemon Go.

Best movesets and counters for Cradily in Pokemon Go

Cradily has a unique duel typing as it’s Rock/Grass and covers many of its own type disadvantages. Rock beats Fire, Ice, and Flying, and Grass is great against Water and Ground. Before we look at movesets, let’s look at how to take down an out-of-control Cradily.

Cradily counters in Pokemon Go

Cradily is weak to Bug, Fighting, Ice, and Steel attacks while resisting Normal and Electric. If you’re coming up against Cradily in Great League PvP, Medicham and Gligar are respectable counters. Both of these Pokemon are formidable in Great League in general, and as you climb the ranks, you will start to see them more often. 

If you’re not battling real players, your Pokemon choices don’t need to be as strict. I recommend using any decent Fighting type to make short work of Cradily. If you’re up against Team Rocket’s Cliff, Lucario is a great choice as it shuts down Cradily and puts up a fight against his Tyranitar and Mamoswine, too.

Best moveset for Cradily in Pokemon Go

You know how to battle Cradily, but how about using one yourself? This is arguably the best moveset for Cradily:

  • Fast Move: Bullet Seed
  • Charged Move: Grass Knot or Rock Slide

I use Rock Slide, so I have more coverage, but Grass Knot is a dangerous Charged Move, too.

At first glance, Cradily may seem like an odd PvP choice, but it does have some utility. Unfortunately, this Pokemon performs poorly against Medicham, arguably the best Pokemon in Great League PvP. 

The good news is that Cradily works great against several popular meta-picks. As you climb the ranks, you’ll see many Trainers using Swampert, Azumarill, and Galarian Stunfisk. Cradily is superb against all of these potential threats, which makes it a decent anti-meta pick. 

As long as you know Cradily’s weaknesses and keep it away from the inevitable swarm of Medicham, it will serve you well. If you’re playing Pokemon games across multiple platforms and are considering using Pokemon HOME, check out our guide on how to do so.

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