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8 best tower defence games in Roblox

Fighting toiets, clowns, and the unknown.

With such a huge selection, if you’re looking for the best Roblox Tower Defence game, you may be overwhelmed. However, this list should help you decide.

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Top Tower Defence Games in Roblox 2024

I am endlessly amazed at the weird and wonderful ways in which people build their Roblox games. Tower Defence is just another prime example of how inventive creators can be.

Toilet Tower Defence

Playing off the all too popular Skibidee Toilet meme that I am simply far too old to get my head around, this Tower Defence is by far the most popular Tower Defence on Roblox for 2024. It is highly populated and has a huge range of skill levels. You can take it easy on the lower levels or sweat it out with the pros. There are a lot of levels with some fun designs, and you get to play with your favorite… toilets?

Toilet Tower Defence Roblox
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Tower Defence Simulator

Here is a classic tower defense-style game with your expected military units and some inventive maps. You can play alone, with a random team, or with friends. What I like best about this Roblox Tower Defence is the level of upgrades and units that can be used. The pacing is engaging, and I always feel on my toes while fighting the waves.

Tower Defence Simulator Roblox
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All-Star Tower Defence

This is one of my personal favorites simply for the variety and random roll elements. It is All-Star because you get to use some of your favorite anime characters as the towers in this Roblox Tower Defence game. Choose between Dragon Ball, Naruto, and many more. Randomly roll your towers before you enter a fight, and make the best of whatever you end up with.

Anime Defence Tower Defence
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Doomspire Event

This is a much more classic feeling Tower Defence in Roblox, which is best for people used to the old school. The maps feel much smaller, and it is possible to play with a completely top-down bird’s eye view. The units are small, but there are a lot on offer. You need to play a few games to get the cash for upgrades, and you can play with a ton of other people.

Best Tower Defence Games Roblox
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SCP Tower Defence

I have always been a big fan of the SCP universe. This is why this Roblox Tower Defence has to be on my best of list. In this game mode, you get to battle against some of the many anomalies created in the world of SCP, using the units employed in the lore to protect an outbreak. The attention to detail with all the spooky anomalies and terminology is excellent for a nerd like me. There are a whole bunch of crazy games for adults out there in Roblox.

Scp Tower Defence Roblox
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Anime Defenders

As some modes mentioned previously, the units you can place in this Roblox Tower Defence game have to be pulled. What you end up with is down to luck. This adds a certain element of skill and randomness to each game. It also means that when playing with teammates, there will be a lot of variety. I also feel this has some of the best visual design of the Roblox Tower Defence games. The art style sets it apart from many of the others.

Anime Defenders Roblox Tower Defence
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The House Tower Defence

Again, this Roblox Tower Defence uses a pull system to get the best units. I like the system because it keeps you coming back and certainly scratches my addictive nature. What sets this apart, though, is its creepy theme. If you’re tired of toilets and anime Tower Defence, give this one a go. The various levels are lovingly crafted and certainly feel themed. The units are also great to play with and have a lot of variety to go with their fun designs.

The House Best Tower Defence Roblox
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Circus Tower Defence

The lobby of this one alone is more horrifying than any of the other Roblox Tower Defence games on this best-of list. Everything is so bright, so loud, so full of clowns. If you want a bright and still rather scary Roblox experience, then give this one a go. Like most, it works on a pull system for new units. However, there are a lot of ways to earn some free ones, too, including invites and level clearance.

Circus Tower Defence
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you’re all done playing tower defense, try out some of the best tycoon games Roblox has to offer.

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