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12 best Roblox games to play with friends in 2023

Always better with buddies.

Roblox is the home to many experiences that you can play, either solo, with others online, or with your friends. Playing these varied games with your friends, no matter how many of you there are, will always ensure good times and good laughs. Make sure to check out some of the games here, as these are truly some of the best Roblox games to play with others. Here are 12 of the best multiplayer Roblox games available.

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One universal rule of horror: with friends, it becomes a comedy. You don’t need to be a fan of horror to enjoy Doors, as it provides an exhilarating and eerie experience. With the teams of monsters that will be hounding your every breath, it’ll be hilarious watching your friends panic into a hiding position that you’ve already occupied.

Hallway In Doors
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you and your friends really enjoy the game, then it’ll be more than just a fun way to get some scares in, but it’ll also be a challenge that you can all work together to complete. Only through solid teamwork and observation will you survive until Door 100 and escape.

Rainbow Friends

Still on the horror theme, Rainbow Friends will allow you and your friends to work together to complete the tasks whilst avoiding more and more monsters as the nights progress. Watching Blue lumber around a corner will kick you all into a frenzy as you all run away, and succeeding by the skin of your teeth will provide a challenging and fun task.

Even if you and your friends don’t complete the game, it’ll still be fun to try out and see how far you get. Better yet, the game is still having content updates, so you’ll be able to keep revisiting the game!

Survive the Killer

One final horror entry, Survive the Killer, provides a tense and competitive energy that you and your friends will thrive in. Will you all be survivors, working together to escape another killer, or will one of your own have to hunt you all down? There’s nothing like the feeling of your friend hunting you down, and you having to escape them.

If you and your friends really take to Survive the Killer, then it will provide a game that you can all get better at as each of you develop a favorite killer to play as.

Murder Mystery 2

Moving away from the horror theme, but staying on track with the competitive aspect, Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox classic. You won’t know who to trust, and being in communication with each other will only enhance the experience. One of you will be the murderer, but will they be able to trick, stealth, and gaslight their way to victory?

Murder Mystery 2 On Roblox
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Murder Mystery 2 is a game that never grows old, as the act of guile and trickery never fails to amuse. I wonder which of your friends will be the sneakiest…

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Another classic minigame is Bedwars, highly popularised by Minecraft servers that host the game. Bedwars on Roblox works the same, except it’s free to play! Teaming up with a solid squad and taking to the enemy teams will test your mettle as a group, and your communication skills. You’ll have to eliminate the enemy bed and then eliminate their team.

This could provide a one-off bout of fun for you and your friends, even if competitive games aren’t really your style. If you do enjoy it, then it could provide a long-lasting enjoyment where you and your friends really dominate the game.


If you want some real action, however, then Arsenal will be for you. It provides a realistic Roblox experience similar to that of other multiplayer FPS games, like Call of Duty. Work together with your team to tactfully advance on the enemy.

Hardly anything will unite your team together unlike a strategic advance into an enemy-controlled corner. Even if you’re all terrible at the game, the constant attempts to be good will provide humor and amusement.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is the most popular One Piece-inspired Roblox game on the platform, and for good reason. You and your friends can take to your own preferred way of fighting, be it using fruit, swords, or combat styles, to dominate raid bosses and enemies. Explore the many islands and grind levels together.

How to get God Human in Blox Fruits
Screenshot Via Exuvera

Growing stronger and partaking in battle with your friends will provide not only a good time, but a long time. Even if anime isn’t really your thing, you may simply enjoy the combat, either working together or against each other.

Booga Booga Reborn

Moving onto cooperative-only experiences now, Booga Booga Reborn retains some combat functionality, like the above experiences. You and your friends will need to make a stand against nature and other humans as you gather, survive, and build. Staving off other players and creating your own clan together will provide for a stressful, fun, and meaningful time.

Even if you and your friends keep getting bested by better players, changing your playstyle to absolute menaces to get revenge will always provide a hilarious time — anything can happen in Booga Booga Reborn.

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Epic Minigames

More of a classic multiplayer go-to, Epic Minigames provides one thing: a good time with your friends. Yes, there will be a winner, but playing through each diverse minigame is always fun, even if you’re bad at them. The thrill of besting everyone in a minigame is awesome, especially if you’re beating your friends.

Epic Minigames may simply provide a fun breather between other games, but it’s worth checking out. With the number of minigames in the experience, you’ll find something you enjoy playing.

Build A Boat For Treasure

Stressful, silly, fun, focused, and ridiculous. Build A Boat For Treasure could have you and all of your friends attempting to build a boat with whatever resources you’ve managed to scavenge from chests. Your creation will then brave the course — with all of you on it! Try not to fall off.

Boat In Build A Boat For Treasure
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The unhinged nature of this game allows for silly and absurd creations. Whether they flop or win, it’ll be super fun to watch your product either sink or strive. This could be your friend group’s next favorite game, as you all want to make the best or silliest boat possible.


Finally onto the roleplaying games, Brookhaven has been a fan-favorite for a long time. Brookhaven allows you to own your dream homes, drive your dream cars, and go out on nice walks or park visits. Have all of your friends over to your house for a party or visit someone’s work in progress.

However you want to roleplay will be the extent of your fun in Brookhaven, and the game allows for many types of experiences. This could make you all feel closer, as you can express yourselves through your home and character.

Adopt Me

Another classic roleplaying game, Adopt Me focuses on some players being the parents, and others being the children. This allows for parents to ‘adopt’ others and roleplay as a family. There are also plenty of other things to do in the game, allowing for many fun memories to be made.

If you and your friends like roleplaying, then why not roleplay as a family? This could provide an alternative experience that allows you to have fun together in Roblox that hardly any other experience authentically provides.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and that you have loads of fun with your friends! For even more Roblox help, look no further than PC Invasion.

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