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Blox Fruits Update 20 release date: All new fruit, features, and abilities

Update 20 is on the horizon!

Roblox Blox Fruits is the most popular One Piece-inspired Roblox experience on the site. Update 20 is imminent, and it’s looking to be the biggest update ever. Before the update was announced, the developer mentioned that the team had grown, and this extra firepower will surely help the game grow even bigger and better. Here is everything to know about Update 20 in Blox Fruits.

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Everything we know about Update 20 in Blox Fruits

Update 20 for Blox Fruits appears to be centered around reworking and revamping existing things in the game. From graphics to UI to abilities to islands, the Blox Fruits team has committed themselves to a higher standard of quality and will make the game look like a much more premium experience. Below is a list of confirmed things that are getting reworked/remodeled/a new look:

  • Middletown
  • UI
  • Cafe (not fully confirmed but heavily suggested)
  • All swords (their looks and abilities)
  • “Entire areas”
  • Interfaces
  • Rose Kingdom
  • Hot and Cold
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Update 20 isn’t just a graphical upgrade, however, as the lifeblood of the game, the fruit, is getting some updates and additions:

  • Dragon and Control fruits are getting reworked
  • The Mammoth Fruit is being added
  • Another mythical fruit is being added

A few new features are also being added to the game:

  • Voice chat
  • An ‘enhancement’ action that can upgrade your fruit

Bear in mind that everything listed in this article is not the final list — when the update gets released, we’ll get even more than we bargained for.

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Mammoth Fruit In Blox Fruits
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All things considered, the Blox Fruits team has been hard at work to make the game more visually appealing. Old and forgotten weapons will also be plucked from obscurity as they get reworked back into the meta. After Update 20, we should see a higher diversity of weapons being used for PvP!

Their higher standard of quality will only grow as the team implements new weapons and adds new areas to explore. If they want to make the game bigger and better, they first have to make sure all existing content is up to scratch!

When will Update 20 release?

Update 20 is confirmed to be releasing some time in October — this month! Keep your eyes peeled and check the Roblox page every day to catch it as it releases!

I hope you enjoyed this list of everything to expect in Update 20 for Blox Fruits, there’s plenty to get excited about! For even more Blox Fruit help, look no further than PC Invasion.

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