Call of Duty MW2: All Path of the Ronin challenges

Path Of The Ronin Challenges Mw2 Warzone 2 How To Unlock Crossbow

Season Two has arrived in Modern Warfare 2, and with it comes four new weapons including the crossbow. The crossbow has become a fan-favorite weapon in Call of Duty having first appeared in the original Black Ops. However, unlocking the crossbow in isn’t as easy, as leveling up the battle pass as with most new weapons. Instead, you’ll need to complete all Path of the Ronin challenges from the new Call of Duty: MW2 Season 2 event.

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All Path of the Ronin challenges in Call of Duty: MW2

The new event consists of a total of 14 challenges. This is broken down into seven challenges for multiplayer and seven challenges for Warzone. However, you don’t have to complete all 14, as each section of the event offers either a Warzone challenge or a multiplayer challenge. This means that regardless of what game mode you prefer, you can still unlock the Crossbow.

To unlock the crossbow you’ll need to finish the seven challenges in the Path of the Ronin event. However, it isn’t possible to do so as of the event’s start as some challenges are time-gated. The first three are available right away, but the other four will be unlocked over the course of two weeks.

Integrity (GI)

  • Win 15 matches in any multiplayer game mode
  • In Warzone, finish in the top 10 five times

Honor (Meiyo)

  • Get 100 Objective Defense Kills
  • Restore Honor five times in Resurgence matches

Sincerity (Makoto)

  • Get 50 Operator Kills using Battle Rage
  • Complete 5 Bounty contracts
Path Of The Ronin Event Mw2 Season 2

The Path of the Ronin challenges are straightforward enough but could take some time. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Compassion (Jin)

  • Get 100 Operator Assists
  • Revive 20 teammates in Warzone matches

Courage (Yu)

  • Get 3 Operator Kills without dying 25 times
  • Complete 3 Search and Seizure contracts

Loyalty (Chu Gi)

  • Get 50 Operator Revenge Kills
  • Complete 3 downloads during the Data Heist public event

Respect (Rei)

  • Get 25 Melee Operator Kills
  • Perform 3 executions on enemy players in Warzone matches

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 are available to play on both and on Steam.

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