Cyberpunk 2077’s new Relic skill tree, explained

Cyberpunk 2077's new Relic skill tree, explained
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Skills and perks in Cyberpunk 2077 are what make the game interesting. By spending perk and attribute points around the skill tree, it becomes possible to really adjust how the game is played. V can vary from a gun-toting maniac to a stealthy cyber hacker with the right builds. Now, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty has added a whole new skill tree known as the Relic branch that adds powerful and unique skills to the deck.

Relic tree explained

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty adds the Relic skill tree into the mix for V. The Relic skill tree adds some pretty major upgrades to the selection. They are mostly focused on arms, but the two extra branches also affect stealth or combat. However, there are only a total of 15 Relic points available in Phantom Liberty, so you’ll have to pick carefully.

Relic Arm skills

One of the first skills you will purchase in the Relic Tree will be the ability to upgrade your arms’ cyberware. The single Relic skill affects each of the different arm skills separately. It will cost a huge 3 points but then branches off into more specified skills.

The initial purchase of Arms Relis skills has these effects

  • Projectile Launch System – You can now charge your projectiles to launch 5 rockets
  • Gorilla Arms – Landing multiple hits charges your arms resulting in a fully charged strong attack that knocks enemies back.
  • Mantis Blades – Dismemberment results in a usable leap attack. The leap attack has a +30 meter range and a wide arc of damage.
  • Monowire – The Monowire now has a charged attack that installs a control quickhack into the person it hits.
Cyberpunk 2077's new Relic skill tree, explained

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The arms section then has a subsection for each of the different arm cyberware’s. These are as follows.

  • Spatial Mapping (Mantis Blades) – Leap attacks cripple and increase dismemberment chance.
  • Limiter Removal (Gorilla Arms) – Charged attack now knocks down all enemies in range.
  • Launch capacity Override (Projectile Launch system) – One extra rocket for charged attacks.
  • Data Tunnelling (Monowire) – When someone affected by a monowire uploaded quickhack is attacked with the monowire, anyone else in range of the attack also gets affected by the quickhack.

Stealth Relic skills

Another option for the relic skill tree is to spend them on a stealth option. The initial purchase will set you back 3 Relic points, but the sub-skill is only 1. Keep is sneaky with this option in the Cyberpunk 2077 Relic tree.

  • Emergency Cloaking – If you like to play stealthy, this is an essential Relic skill. You must have Optical Camo equipped for it to work. Once activated, Optical Camo makes enemies lose track of you.
  • Sensory Protocol – This sub-skill in the Relic tree slows time when you are detected while crouching. Dashing away will make the enemy lose track of you.

Combat Relic skills

If you want to go for more of an all-out warfare kind of approach, then the right side of the Relic tree is the right route for you in Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Vulnerability Analytics – This skill exposes weak spots in enemies. Hitting these gives a 100% chance of a crit and much more damage. Repeated hits on a weak spot will cause it to explode.
  • Machine Learning – Whenever you hit a vulnerability, it increases both the amount of vulnerabilities and the damage done. It can stack up to 5 times.

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