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Dark and Darker movement guide: Can you sprint, dodge, and roll?

The hardest enemy in this game is moving out the damn way.

The first question on many people’s minds when playing Dark and Darker will concern the movement to some capacity. Especially when they die from only being able to walk out of harm’s way.

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Can you sprint, dodge, or roll in Dark and Darker?

When I first started playing Dark and Darker, I was incredibly surprised to see that the universally agreed sprint button, left shift, caused me to go even slower than I already was. My surprise turned into confusion when I found out that you can’t sprint at all. For the most part, at least.

Only the Fighter class can sprint, but it’s a skill that has a cooldown. Apart from that, no other class can sprint.

Sprint In Dark And Darker
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Also, rolling, dodging, strafing, and even back-stepping are not features at all in Dark and Darker. You physically cannot do any of those actions that we’ve taken for granted from other titles. Not even mobile classes, like the Rogue, can do these actions.

This is incredibly limiting, but if it’s any consolation, all the enemies seem to have one speed setting to make the game a little fairer.

Although it’s not realistic to not be able to run when your life is in imminent peril – that’s by design. Dark and Darker is a difficult game that you’ll need to exercise extreme caution to progress. Fights are grueling and tactical thanks to the mobility limits. But it may take some time to get used to.

Now that you know you can’t sprint in Dark and Darker, let’s go over what you can do.

Full movement and mobility guide for Dark and Darker

The only movement options in Dark and Darker are walk, crouch, and jump, using all the usual buttons. You also can technically move very slowly by holding shift, if you want to. Again, only the Fighter class has a limited sprint ability.

It’s worth noting that different classes have different speeds, with the Rogue being the quickest, the Barbarian being the slowest, and all other classes being of average speed.

Quicker Dark And Darker
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Do note that the Druid can turn into different creatures, all with different speeds. Naturally, the smaller creatures, like the rat, are quicker than the larger creatures, like the bear.

All of this means that speed and mobility can’t be seen as bonuses like in other games. In Dark and Darker, it’s an obstacle. So make sure you’re keeping enemies at arm’s length and that you have your friends to back you up. And if you’re flying solo, you’ll simply have to be extra careful not to take on too many enemies at once, for you can’t escape them easily.

Now that you know the movement limits thoroughly for Dark and Darker, you can pick a class that’ll best suit you and go spelunking for treasure (albeit at a slug’s pace).

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