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Dark and Darker class tier list: Best beginner and overall

Who to venture into the dark with?

Dark and Darker is incredibly tough, although some classes are inherently more powerful and more useful than others. Here are the best classes to pick, for beginner players and veterans, in Dark and Darker.

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Best starter classes in Dark and Darker

As you’re learning the ropes in Dark and Darker, and getting past the server errors, some classes will be easier to play than others — even if you don’t stick with them. As you become more versed in how the games works, you’ll likely jump to a more meta class, but for now, these classes will help you greatly.

Naturally, Dark and Darker is hard, so these classes won’t trivialize the game, but will assist you in understanding how the game plays out. So I’d recommend you give all of the following classes a try. Also note that these classes aren’t weaker or worse than the others, just more beginner-friendly.

Cleric Dark And Darker
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Here are the best beginner classes in Dark and Darker:

  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Cleric

These three classes are fantastic for learning the Dark and Darker ropes.

The Fighter is an all-rounder class that boasts a shield, allowing you to defend yourself as well as deal some damage.

The Rogue is very quick, allowing you to run away from monsters you currently find daunting. Also, the Rogue is generally quicker when performing actions, leaving you vulnerable for shorter amounts of time. The ranged throwing knives are also a great crutch for new players.

Finally, the Cleric is on this list as not only does it have a shield, but healing potions and healing spells. This allows you to take your time as you learn what everything does and just how punishing the game is.

Although you could use any class when starting out, you’ll generally survive longer with those three.

Best classes in Dark and Darker, ranked

Once you’re familiar with how the game works, and you’re ready to run some group games, you can heed this tier list to see which are generally the best classes in Dark and Darker.

Druid Dark And Darker
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The following classes have been ranked on their offensive, defensive, and support capabilities. Although the best tier list is the one you make yourself, so try them all out and use the ones that feel best for you.

Also, as the game advances and makes changes, this ranking may change. So keep checking as public opinion (and my own experiences) change this ranking over time.

S Tier

  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Wizard

These three classes are generally accepted to be the best in the game. The healing potential of the Cleric and Bard makes them indispensable in any team, and the chaotic potential of the Wizard makes them a fantastic offensive and support class.

Even on their own, they make formidable classes (although the Bard isn’t as effective as the others).

A Tier

These four classes are the bread and butter of any team. Any arrangement of these classes, as long as the user is skilled in using them, will pose a serious threat. Especially when supported by the above classes.

  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Barbarian
  • Druid

B Tier

The Ranger is a good ranged class, although, with the amount of close-quarters combat in Dark and Darker, it’s a difficult class to make as effective as the others. A skilled Ranger is still something to be feared, however, and is best used as a support to a party, not in solo play.

  • Ranger

C Tier

Unfortunately, although the Warlock has its uses, any other team formations will generally perform better. The Warlock isn’t exactly a bad class, just not as useful or effective as the others despite the debuffs it gives.

  • Warlock

Again, make sure to experiment to see which class you like best. Now that you know which class is best for you in Dark and Darker, you can enter the dungeons and get some loot, that is, if you can master the movement.

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