Devour Update Uv Batteries Difficulty Patch

I’ve played some hours of Devour since April. While a fun, if rudimentary, horror PvE game, one thing is certain: it can be pretty damn hard. The first map against Anna was certainly a trial-by-fire adventure for me and my team. However, the second map with Molly in the Asylum? Good Lord. It took about four hours to put that wretched spirit to bed, and it was not a distant race. Devour can be tough, and worse in the harder difficulties. The developing team is aware of this, and has decided to throw players a bone. Starting today, an update will allow Devour players to power up their UV flashlights using optional battery pick-ups.

But the developers aren’t giving you a free ticket to ride, either. As mentioned, the batteries are optional items scattered throughout the maps. There will only be so many per map, and the number available will change based on difficulty. On normal mode, there are four UV batteries to find, while hard and nightmare offer three and two, respectively. Using a battery refills your UV flashlight to maximum, and you’ll get a bonus charge — also based on difficulty. For normal, you get a bonus of 160%, 100% on hard, and 60% on nightmare. But don’t fret too much on the limited amount of batteries; they respawn somewhere in the game world after use.


Devour — UV batteries to discovered keys

The update also comes with various changes. One of which is incredibly welcome: the game will now inform you via the chat window when a player puts a key in their inventory. Oh, the days of yelling “who has the god damn [area door] key?!” as you’re avoiding Molly busting out her Naruto run are over. Other changes and fixes include AI pathing for the Asylum map, lobby chat not working, and an option to turn off the audio for jump scares.

Check out the rest of the changes in the patch notes.

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