Goose Goose Duck game modes

Social deduction games are fun to play, but can be very repetitive. It’s either you try your best to convince everyone you’re one of the good guys, or disguise yourself as one of them and try to get them out of the game through sabotage, betrayal, and deceit in order to win. Gaggle Studios sets an example of how these games should be made. With all the varied roles you can play and a total of six different game modes to choose from, you will never be bored playing Goose Goose Duck.

What are the game modes in Goose Goose Duck?

Goose Goose Duck game modes

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The following game modes are available to play in Goose Goose Duck:

  • Classic
  • Draft
  • Goosehunt
  • Dine and Dash
  • Trick or Treat
  • Hanging Out

You can host any of these game modes through either a public or a private lobby. You can also join any publicly available game by clicking on the ‘Find Game’ button after hitting ‘Play’ on the start-up screen. The list of public lobbies is divided into four columns: host name, game mode, map, and status.

You can instantly join any of them by selecting one and clicking on Play. Below, we will explain each of the different game modes so you can figure out your preference.


Goose Goose Duck game modes 2

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The Classic game mode is the most basic of all and is recommended to be the first one you play as a beginner. In Classic, you are either as a Goose or a Duck. Geese win by finishing all the tasks or eliminating all the ducks. On the other hand, the Ducks get the Geese out of the game by killing them, having them voted out, or by sabotaging tasks in the map. The “team” with the bigger surviving population wins.


Goose Goose Duck game modes 3

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At the beginning of a Draft game, a number is assigned to every player. This dictates the order of the players in getting the chance to choose their respective roles. You can choose from a few roles that show on the screen when it’s your turn, or select Random if you wish.


Goosehunt Goose Goose duck

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The Goosehunt game mode isn’t for the weak. There are no meetings to attend in this game mode. Instead, one Duck tries to kill all of the Geese within a specific period of time. The Geese reduce this timer by four seconds by hastily completing a task.

The catch is that there are no meetings in a Goosehunt, so Ducks can keep on eliminating every Goose without interruption. Ducks also become faster than Geese during the last 60 seconds in this game mode.

Dine and Dash

Dine and Dash

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Dine and Dash gives its players a quick burst of thrill and fun. In this game mode, there are two teams: the Red Team and the Blue Team. The Red Team are all ‘morphing ducks’ trying to kill the opposing team.

On the other hand, the Blue Team is a vulture, able to reduce the timer by eating corpses. If there are more than six players on the Blue Team, they get partnered up with a Falcon able to kill even faster.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

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This spooky game mode is a clash between Villagers and Monsters. The Monsters are like vampires who can win by turning everyone into a thrall. Once converted to a thrall, they are teamed up with the Monsters and will be powered up by the monsters’ abilities.

For Villagers to succeed, they need to complete tasks to call meetings. Each meeting or discussion should result in them voting out the monster. If at least one Villager survives until the timer runs out, the Villagers win.

Hanging Out

hanging out

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Hanging Out is pretty self-explanatory. It features the Lounge map where you can hang out with other players and play mini-games. You can either talk to each other using a microphone or through the chat box. Gaggle Studios will gradually release mini-games to play in this game mode.

The most common game modes you can find in the list of public lobbies are Classic, Draft, and Hanging Out. If you prefer the other game modes and would not like to wait for an existing lobby, you can just host your own and make your selection. Share your room code with friends for more fun and let the games begin.

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