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Goose Goose Duck: Roles – Explained

Who's who?

Goose Goose Duck is not your ordinary social deduction game. While it’s almost always compared with Among Us, Goose Goose Duck amps it up by a couple of notches by having a total of 45 roles. Being familiarized with all of them gives you a serious edge as you can have better strategies that can guarantee you victory no matter which role you end up having.

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What are all the roles in Goose Goose Duck?

It can be a bit overwhelming for new players, so we’re here to explain all roles in Goose Goose Duck. We have divided them into three: those who play in favor of the good guys which are the Goose, those who play for the bad Ducks, and those who only meddle with the game and will win if neither Goose nor Duck are successful with their objectives.

For the Classic game mode, only the two basic roles apply: Goose and Duck. However, for other game modes with expanded roles, more special roles are added.

All special roles for Goose

A screenshot from the Goose Tutorial in Goose Goose Duck

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Here are all the roles of those who are on the Goose’s side. They need to collaborate with other Goose players in the game to complete their tasks and vote out the Ducks and the meddlers to stop their sabotaging schemes.

Role (Goose)
Objective or description
Cannot die from the environment.
You can send your spirit through the walls.
You can temporarily kill when you witness a murder.
You can see through the walls with limited vision.
When between a goose and its killer, you die instead. You get a bonus if you get to protect a goose.
Your body automatically self-reports a second after you are killed or swallowed.
All of the geese are alerted when you get killed.
You can investigate players to figure out if they have killed someone in a round.
You can temporarily see in the mini-map where living ducks called sabotages come from. You can also vent temporarily.
You can talk to players remotely and kill them from afar.
You can only be killed if you are alone. Finishing tasks increases your bounty, but you have to stay alive to keep your earnings.
Can open the jail door at any time.
Do tasks and get rid of the ducks to stay alive with your lover.
Knows the number of ghosts.
The ducks view you as a Duck instead of a Goose.
Can investigate a corpse to see their role.
You cannot be sent to jail and you win in voting ties.
You can kill anyone but be careful to not kill a Goose.
Has the ability to track one player.
Street Urchin
Can open locks from the inside.
Can see who’s outside during a sandstorm.
Can kill once per game.

All special roles for Duck

A screenshot from the Duck Tutorial in Goose Goose Duck

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Below are all the roles of those who are with the team of Ducks, who are basically like the Impostors in Among Us. Ducks need to kill all of the geese in silence to win as they sabotage various areas on the map. Ducks can also just avoid being caught, killed, or voted out until the end of the game. Most ducks can also use the vents to travel around the map. If you’re a Duck, you can fake doing tasks to disguise yourself.

Role (Duck)
Objective or description
You can kill someone during meetings by correctly guessing a role. This can be done twice in a game.
Can eat a corpse once per game.
Can plant bombs on other players.
Can talk to players remotely and kill them from afar.
Gets a bonus by killing someone.
Identity Thief
Can shapeshift into your most recent victim until a meeting is called.
Invisibility Can be invisible.
Stay alive with your lover.
You can shapeshift into other players.
You can kill two at a time within range simultaneously, but the cooldown is thrice as much. It recovers faster in the forbidden passageways.
Can give other players a high-pitched voice during meetings.
Your victims cannot be seen by the geese but it gets automatically reported when they get near them. You can’t report corpses.
Serial Killer
Kill your target to decrease your cooldown, but killing others causes it to increase.
You can mute others during meetings but you do not have the ability to go through vents.
You can put someone in jail by being the only player who votes them out.
Can reveal someone’s role by being the only one to vote someone out.
Can drag bodies at a reduced rate in order to keep them hidden.
Can sabotage by summoning a swarm of locusts.

Other special roles in Goose Goose Duck

A screenshot of a Pelican winning in a game in Goose Goose Duck

Screenshot by PC Invasion

It’s also possible to be on neither side of the geese or ducks in the game. When you land on any of the roles below, it means you have your own set of objectives. It’s trickier to be successful in these roles, but what’s great is that you do not need to collaborate with anyone but yourself. Your goal is to meddle with the geese and the ducks and selfishly achieve your objective to win.

Role (Duck)
Objective or description
Dodo Bird
Get voted out to win.
Dueling Dodos
Complete all your fake tasks to be able to kill the other Dodo. Once the other Dodo is killed, get voted out to succeed.
Always skips voting. Be the only one alive in the end to win. So long as you survive, geese only win by tasks and the ducks through sabotaging.
Keep swallowing players as they die when a meeting is called. Be the last survivor to succeed.
Infect every single player in a round to win.
Eat corpses to win.

We recommend that new players begin with the Classic game mode to first get the hang of this highly addictive game. Once you master the basics and have familiarized yourself with the special roles, you can enjoy the other game modes more and have better chances at winning, no matter what kind of role you end up having.

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