Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant

The final level in Hitman 3’s campaign takes place in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The mission, “Untouchable,” is rather short and fairly linear. It also doesn’t have any mission stories. As such, rather than a detailed walkthrough, this guide will simply offer a few tips about the level’s structure and a few challenges/secrets (such as shortcuts and even a secret ending).

Note: For more information, check out our Hitman 3 guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers. You have been warned.


Hitman 3: Carpathian Mountains and “Untouchable” guide

Hitman 3‘s “Untouchable” mission starts with Agent 47 hallucinating. In it, you’ll be haunted by the ghosts of the past. These aren’t just the targets that you eliminated recently, but also those from previous games. Do you recognize some of these folks?

Anyway, you’ll soon realize that Diana Burnwood’s betrayal was just her cover, and even Lucas Grey acts as a “spiritual guide” of sorts.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant 1a

You’ll then wake up in a lab. From this point onwards, you’re allowed to eliminate members of Providence. However, you still won’t get the Silent Assassin ranking if you kill soldiers since they don’t count as the main target (The Constant/Arthur Edwards).

Anyway, use “1979” as the passcode in the next room. Grab the rusted crowbar and exit the area.

Note: Rusted items will break after a single use, so I suggest saving them in case you really need to open something.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant 1b

Additional tips

Make sure to use the train’s windows and roof to traverse the entire level. If the spot isn’t coated in ice, you should be able to hang, shimmy, or climb.

Keep this in mind in case you want to stay hidden.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant 2a

Likewise, keep saves handy in case you want to complete certain challenges. Every challenge in Hitman 3‘s Carpathian Mountains level can be done in a single run (no endless roaming around since you’re on a speeding train).

Whether it’s throwing soldiers off the train, grabbing their disguises, or opening some crates to see what they contain, you can happily reload. Challenge tallies are permanent the moment that they’re completed.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant 2b

The only exception is “Soda Slinger” (hit three guards with soda cans). The tally will reset to its previous state if you reload a save (i.e., knocking out your first guard and reloading an older save before you’ve done that will reset it back to 0/3).

As such, you’ll want to find these cans and look for soldiers who are on their own. Whack them with these cans, and try to get 3/3 towards the end of the level.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant 2c

The shortcuts

Passenger car shortcut – You’ll stumble upon this after crafting a makeshift silencer. What you’ll need to do is reach the next car, then exit via the window. While on the roof, move back to the way you came from. There should be a ledge and window on the left that you can use.

Htmn3 Crpmt Unt 1a

In this small room, you can unlock the shortcut and obtain a shotgun and SMG (both are also part of the Carpathian Mountains’ discovery challenges).

Htmn3 Crpmt Unt 1b

Container door shortcut – A bit further onward, you’ll see the locked container door.

On the next car, there’s a soldier that you can blind if you have a fuse cell.

Htmn3 Crpmt Unt 2a

Head to the next car and open it with a rusty nail or rusty crowbar. You’ll find the valve on a barrel.

Go back to the previous door and use the valve to open the container and unlock the shortcut. There are some frag grenades here (also a challenge that you can complete).

Htmn3 Crpmt Unt 2b

Meeting with the Constant/Arthur Edwards

The later areas can be a little tricky since there are multiple elite soldiers. Just try to watch their patterns and stealthily make your way across. Once you obtain the outfit of the commander in the next part, the remaining soldiers will even salute you due to the disguise.

Htmn3 Crpmt Unt 3

Go past the office cars to meet up with Arthur Edwards in his suite. He and Agent 47 will have a little chat.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant 3a

There are several ways to finish the “Untouchable” mission (and Hitman 3‘s campaign), and these let you complete challenges to boot:

  • Pick up the serum and inject Edwards with it – This leads to the normal ending.
  • Use a gun and shoot Edwards in the head – Just activate the switch and you’ll be treated to the normal ending.
  • Inject yourself with the serum – This shows a totally different fate for Agent 47. You’ll also get “A New Father” completed if you choose this option. You can learn more in our Hitman 3 secret ending guide.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Untouchable Guide Arthur Edwards Constant 3b

Hitman 3 is available via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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