Hogwarts Legacy: Where to find Fwoopers

Hogwarts Legacy: Where to find Fwoopers featured

Colorful and with a song so high pitched it can drive a person insane; so are the defining traits of the cute and vibrant Fwooper birds of the Wizarding World. Fwoopers are one of two bird species of magical beasts you can capture in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll be able to capture beasts following the completion of the main story quest, ‘The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom.’ With multiple colors and locations around the game’s map, capturing one or more Fwoopers to add to your Vivarium is fairly easy and achievable. Here’s where to find Fwoopers in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Where to find Fwoopers – All map locations

Fwoopers can be found in three different map locations, all congregating around a distinct red-leafed tree:

1. Near the Rookwood Castle Floo Station. Be careful approaching this den, as there are Thornback Spiders, Goblins, and Dark Mongrels nearby, though they’re likely fighting with each other and less likely to notice you.

2. Near the Phoenix Mountain Den Floo Station, up on a mountain path.

3. On the northwestern side of the Clagmar Coast. This den is marked as two dens on the map, but they both lead to the same spot, so this may be some sort of map error.

How to capture Fwoopers

Each Fwooper takes four rings to capture. As with all beasts, Leviosa will help you complete them in time, which is especially critical for Fwoopers given they are small and can fly off out of reach. If they take flight, you to have to go away and wait for them to return to the den.

Base Fwoopers come in pink, purple, and green color ranges with gender differences, so you could have up to several distinct looking Fwoopers in your Vivarium. There’s no mention of getting a silencing charm for their song that causes insanity, but maybe the player character just did that off screen. Who knows? Either way, you have yourself another colorful new companion in your Vivarium.

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