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Hogwarts Legacy takes you to the 1800s where witches and wizards are fighting evildoers, set in the backdrop of a goblin rebellion. As you study each day in school, you’ll also discover more secrets and mysteries. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guides and features hub to help you out with basic mechanics, spells, and various collectibles.

Note: We’ll add more articles to our Hogwarts Legacy guides hub soon, so stay tuned.

Hogwarts Legacy guides hub

Features – We take a look at whether Hogwarts Legacy is good enough or if it’s not even worth your while.

FAQs – We answer some questions about playing the game and some lore-related stuff:

Starter Guides: Sorting Ceremony and Wizarding World Quizzes – These Hogwarts Legacy guides deal with character creation, choosing your Hogwarts House, and linking your Wizarding World and WB Games accounts so you can see personalized quiz results when you play:

The Basics – These are some early-game mechanics you’ll experience soon enough:

Class Is In Session – These are Hogwarts Legacy guides that focus more on your character’s growth and various classes you need to attend:

All About Spells – These articles discuss various magic spells that you can unlock during the campaign:

Campaign Progession: Main Quests – These Hogwarts Legacy guides focus on quest objectives to advance the main story:

Sidequests – There are a lot of sidequests that you can tackle:

Minigames, Puzzles, and Collectibles – We talk about minigames, puzzles, and stuff you can collect:

The Room of Requirement – This mysterious area changes based on the user’s need:

Magical Beasts and Monsters – Find and fight, tame and ride. There are many magical creatures that you can encounter in the game world:

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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