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Honkai Star Rail: Best Clara Team Comps

Protect Clara with these teammates.

Honkai: Star Rail features an early roster of seven 5-star characters for you to pull for. These characters are commonly referred to as “standard” characters, as they are primarily available through the Standard Warp banner. Despite this status, these characters are nothing to laugh at. Some of these characters are amongst the strongest in the game. One of these 5-star characters is Clara, a Physical Destruction character that has a unique counterattacking mechanic. You might think you’re summoning for Clara, but the character you actually receive is Svarog, as he comes to Clara’s defense every time she is hit by an attack. Here’s our guide on the best team comps for Clara in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Clara is a 5-star Physical Destruction character and can be summoned on both the Character Event Warp banner and the Regular Warp banner. During Character Event Warp banners, when you roll a 5-star character, you have a 50% chance of receiving either the featured character of the banner (Seele or Jing Yuan, for example) or one of the seven “standard” 5-star characters. This can happen during any Character Event Wish banner. If you do roll a “standard” 5-star character, your next pull is guaranteed to be a featured character. If you are consistently rolling for 5-star characters, you can expect to receive a Clara eventually. You can also pick her as your guaranteed character, as you receive an extra 5-star character of your choosing at 300 pulls in the Regular Warp banner.

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Honkai Star Rail: Clara best team comps

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Clara is a 5-star Destruction character who can deal heavy counter damage every time she is struck. She functions as a main DPS character, but she does suffer if no one ends up hitting her.

  • Clara / March 7th / Tingyun / Bailu: March 7th applies a shield to a target ally while also increasing the likelihood that they are targeted by an enemy. When stacked with Clara’s passives, this almost ensures Clara is hit and can fight back. Tingyun will increase Clara’s personal damage, while Bailu acts as the team’s healer. You can use Natasha over Bailu as a free-to-play-friendly option.
  • Clara / Bronya / Tingyun / Bailu: Clara already has some passive taunting abilities to entice enemies to hit her, so you can replace March 7th with Bronya if you don’t need the defensive utility she provides. Bronya will increase Clara’s damage during her counterattacks. Like with the prior team comp, you can replace Bailu with Natasha.

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